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  1. This thread is why I don’t post here much. Give out a great stock tip and somehow there’s negative responses. I try to help but for what? Rainbow peavy is a sad fuk
  2. Jake I’ve met you before. You’re a socially awkward goofy gay looking guy. Don’t talk about me son unless you want to end up in a medical gown. I have 5-6 trips to Vegas this year come get some. Out of nowhere you been bashing me , come get some son.
  3. On the forums, nothing is more annoying than.....people who post in threads when a posting play is lost while simultaneously ignoring threads where the same poster wins and ladies and gentleman it has made my time on the forums unenjoyable. It's childish and performed by many men who are older. Albeit many of these characters are in possession of a severe mental illness and therefore this type of behavior is to be expected but at the same time, it doesn't make me feel any better. It's hard enough to lose bets, lose money and then after that to be trolled and have the thread bumped while the winning bet threads are completely ignored. I have showcased 100s of examples of this behavior. If I lose 800 bucks one night and I log into the forums and see someone happy that I lost or talking crap about my play that makes it even less fun and losing money is not fun. The forums are supposed to be an escape at least that is what I thought. When I first joined the forums it was a lot more about sharing information and there was a lot more camaraderie, now it's a dick measuring contest where everyone is outset to outdo each other. When did it become a place where we make fun of peoples bet size, income levels, etc? Where are the days where we handicapped together and tried to make money? I like to help, never said I was the best handicapper, never said I was rich or bet 1000s a game. Never said I only shared plays with a few individuals because my opinions are that valuable. But I have showcased a confidence in my ability to predict outcomes in games and some may say it's cockiness but I would rather label it confidence. Not once have I not been humble or forgot where I came from. Making money via sports gambling is hard but not impossible. If you refrain from chasing, bet reduced juice or get bonuses, bet a similar amount on all your wagers or utilize 1/2 Kelly if you have a good idea of your edge then you should come out ahead if you have any talent whatsoever. What gets most people is the mental factor, chasing, losing streaks, etc. We all have losing streaks no gambler is immune to them. I have been mentored and have learned a lot from some wonderful seasoned veteran gamblers and for that, I will always be grateful and those people were introduced to me via the sports gambling forums. in 2005 I thought that I knew a lot about sports betting but little did I now that I actually knew nothing. There has been a lot of work, research and mentoring that has gotten me to where I am at. Via the forums, I have met some lifelong friends and shared some great times with others and for that, I will always be grateful. If someone was going to research my posting play resume they would see that I indeed have been very successful. There are some people on the forums that try and discredit me or say that I am misleading but if you notice they never have any concrete evidence of this. Not sure why people I have never met, that hardly know me like to follow me around and claim things that are untrue but it has made my time on the forums unsavory and unenjoyable. I have been a standup guy, don't disappear when a bet I posted lost, nor do I just bump winning threads like some claim. Trolls have been posting a lot of incorrect information about me, misquote what I say, call me a tout when I have NEVER charged and the simple fact is I own a website that doesn't require any money to read. I've noticed that people on the forums read a thread title and believe it to be true, the trolls throw shit around hoping it will stick and sometimes it does because people will PM me asking me about things I know nothing about. It's become way to time-consuming and people say just ignore them but forum software does not make it to where they disappear completely you can still see when these people bump your thread or post in your thread so that is not a perfect science. If something is not enjoyable, why continue?
  4. I am curious, did Hoffa show up in any of the winning prop threads? One thing I definitely know is I am way ahead via props this year, can't remember him showiing up in any of those threads. Why? Only he knows, but when you take 10 different kind of medications and have severe mental problems it can make you obsessive, negative and mean which we all know are 3 traits he possesses.
  5. Got talked into this play but a friend of mine. Sorry for sharing this. Rivers just doesn't have it in ARROWHEAD
  6. There has been some losing via scalping that must have kept me off radar.
  7. Tyrell Williams over 34.5 yards -120 BOVADAHunter Henry over 44.5 yards -113 BOOKMAKERTravis Benjamin over 34.5 yards -125 BOVADA I am betting that at least 2 out of 3 win, if all 3 win then we celebrate but I will be fully content with 2/3 here. It's not hard to pass against KC and I expect KC to do their best to shut down Keenan Allen. So I am going to bet the #2 and #3 WR and the TE over in reception yards based off that. $120 to win $100 $113 to win $100 $125 to win $100 Win 2/3 and still make about $70, win all 3 and make $300. Not a bad way to attack this.
  8. I’ve seen your diseased steaks and iceberg lettuce salads that you call gourmet. Your opinion means nothing.
  9. Let's make up for yesterdays Celtics game. Charlotte usually gives up 101+ as showcased below. Is it too much to ask the Blazers to score 102 against a team that gives up 106.8ppg on average, has given up 101+ in six straight games? Considering the Blazers are one of the better 3pt and FT shooting teams makes me more confident on this one as well.
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