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  1. 5 Panthers -2.5 4 pitt +3.5 3 Green Bay -7 2 Seattle/sf over 53.5 1 tenn/cin over 53.5 Tb 47
  2. Newer to the market and trading. Wanting to learn how to Bet a future. As in how to bet Uber will drop to say $25 a share. How does this process work?? Help
  3. I’m not usually into the races but because I’m addicted to draft kings I’m in the 5 max entry for $4 first is 50k so why not waste $20.
  4. Had I just stopped at a rest stop vs the aide of the interstate..... but that’s what happens when you’re 19 and stupid
  5. Yes, when I was 19. I wasn’t even driving ..... I was pulled over taking a piss lmao. Trooper came up and was doing a check on the car ....... fucked myself
  6. If I can still get in these are my plays Vikings Seahawks Colts Panthers Lions
  7. Considering this , but would want to see actual list of contest details first.
  8. Congratulations to the winners and thanks sharp ..... Bring on the NFL
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