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  1. The X

    Thursday NFL.

    Buffalo/New England over 44. GL X
  2. Ok. Don't need a job yet. I'm well off. Busy with home improvements. But thanks for asking
  3. Why you jealous? Does it really matter? Congrats to her if that's the case. Better than sitting on my couch sucking my thumb while listening to my girl getting pounded in the next room. Relax pal.
  4. IAG is pretty kick ass. Supposedly a good looking woman that gambles and post's on the forums with you busted up fucks. And seems like a very nice person. She should be welcome with open arms.
  5. "Wade has a small one." I don't know why. This shit is probably the funniest post of the year.
  6. This was awesome. TO and fan talking inside of store. Another acts like a dick. Goes outside. TO had enough. Dropped him. Sounds like a Teddy Kgb story.
  7. Reefer mailing is key. To all. And gumies. Been talking Cheech and Chong Cruise Chews the past few days. It's a CBD and THC edible. So I pop a gummy. And take a few puffs. Pretty Tremendous.
  8. The X

    RIP Walter

    These cats are living better than HurryupandStiff. Tremendous
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