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  1. Actually we're buying another house down south. You?
  2. Coming from another broke piece of shit. Who can't be with his girl... Because he's a broke piece of shit. LMAO.
  3. No. I have it delivered because I'm not a broke dick fuck. And I have a job.
  4. Kolzig not the sharpest. If he listened he might be better off.
  5. Yes room is key. I bought a small chest freezer I keep in the basement. And I store all our meat in that. As far as bulk The key is not to keep opening it. That's how meat gets freezer burnt. But you'll enjoy. Totally different from the store. Enjoy.
  6. I've done this a few times. Really enjoyed it. Pretty much same price.. I buy all my steaks and chicken from NY prime now. Because we're in the city. Really like them. Over night delivery. Not like that omha shit steak. All natural.
  7. The X

    Saturday NFL.

    Cincinnati +4. Green Bay -5 1/2. Buffalo/Kansas City over 54. GL X
  8. The X

    Saturday CBB.

    Columbia +10. Denver -6 1/2. GL X
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