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    Started yesterday.
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    Clueless Kolzig strikes again.
  3. Happy birthday. We just had one on Monday.
  4. Wow. Morgan just dropped the pile driver.
  5. BC with The Fucking Drive By. Holy fucking shit. Know idea what the fuck that is. Other than bread and grandmas plate. Legend. We need weekly reports.
  6. Yes. We always table side in CT. Actually make our own mostly .This was takeout. Cost $8 compared to $18 We just got there and 3x as much for $8. And it was pretty fucking good.
  7. JFC Landers. That thing looks more beat up than Pamela Anderson after her and Tommy Lee's sex tape.
  8. No fucking way pal. It just gets oxidized. No different than dry aged steak or good cheese. Or even a cut apple. Levels above potted meat.
  9. You can also brush a cut avacado with lemon juice on the cut side and wrap in plastic and it will help keep.
  10. Dumb. It's like $8 for 10 ozs of store made.
  11. Cover it in plastic in a bowl. Press air out as much as possible. You can get a few days out of it. Just scrape brown edges away.
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