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  1. The X

    There Here.

    Just going to bed. Not surprised you just chimed in to defend your new boyfriend. It's cool. I actually think it's sweet. Really. And no. They weren't that expensive. At least not as expensive as Certified Holstein.
  2. Funny facts. HUAD doesn't even live in this country. Yet he spouts out our politics. And he claims to be this hero. LMFAO. He plagiarized everything he posted. And posted it as his own. Seriously? Clowning will resume.
  3. The X

    There Here.

    You can't even afford real furniture. How can you afford my shoes? My fucking shoes cost more than your plastic outdoor chairs and plastic table you have in your kitchen. Just stop. I tried to be cool with you awhile back. And yet you did for a minute But you still want to go there. I'm trying to leave it alone but you keep swinging and missing. Walk away man. Keep some dignity. You got so many strikes. And you will shot take again.
  4. Yeah everyone likes to hang out with a guy who shits his pants and passes out on a hotel lawn. You can keep that company all day. I'll pass. Have fun. Guy thinks Teddy is his new e-buddy. LOL. Me and Ted been talking for 20+ years forum wise. He is a good guy. But I do not condone him stiffing. And I do hope he makes it right at some point. At least set up a payment process. I do believe he should walk away from gaming. But this will be his decision.
  5. I can appreciate your response. But he has stiffed. Slow paid. Asked for handouts. And has claimed his grandfather has died at least three times in the past couple of years. And makes up crazy stories about everything in life. So yeah he's been called out in his fairytale bullshit lies we see through. And posts lies about posters lives. Trying to tell me about my wife's employment. Claiming she works for a company she doesnt even work for He's basically an uneducated moron. And the best part is. He just makes himself look like a fool. Guy also claimed that he has been married to the same girl on three occasions in the past year. How does that work?
  6. No worries though. His grandfather will die in the next couple of days for the fourth time in two years and the trip will be canceled. But maybe he will surprise us.
  7. Kolzig is spot on. These guy's are sisters. HUAD forgot to put his lipstick on.
  8. Solid question my friend. I need to find some.
  9. Pretty sure that Teddy used to eat a lot of glue sticks as well. Stiff calling people out?
  10. The X

    There Here.

    I love everyone. I just hope HUAD gives me first refusal on his plastic kitchen chairs before he moves.
  11. Actually my foot is on her chair you mental midget. Maybe you should go tuck your wife in her cardboard box bed.
  12. The X


    Still trying to figure out who works for Pfizer in my household? Some illiterate uneducated pedophile seem to think so. Once again. Clowning. Hey it is what it is.
  13. Gotta say that looks pretty good Landers. Love Reubens.
  14. Insects aren't animals. Retard.
  15. The X

    There Here.

    Remember when Kolzig was your pal and he used to stick up for you? Then he posted in a thread that you are an admitted pedophile? That was pretty funny. Oh by the way who's going to take care of your farm animals? Your grandfather that's died 3 times in the past few years. I'm clowning.
  16. It's called andouille sausage. And it's Tremendous.
  17. Let's not forget people. mikeman has a less refined palate than most. You could basically strip down any fast food burger and put it on a plate with a side of fries. And he'd tell all his buddies he had steak and frites for dinner.
  18. You don't need to worry about it.
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