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  1. I think he meant he might have trouble paying.........there aren’t any handouts at TGF........by the way did someone ROAST BIG O for the 4th? Guy hasn’t been seen since the 3rd..... possible he is still at a BBQ?
  2. Pass the joint pal.......your saying a person that owns a gun and commits a heinous act should be locked up for life? Wake up and exhale....most guys that commit these acts of terror kill themselves or are locked up for life after the fact....
  3. I was thinking Ty would sing this to deb.....
  4. Clogz whatever happened to Rick “Money” Mirer?
  5. I was in......but not gonna check back every 2 hours to see how many players we have......i said i should be home wednesday for 9 pm game... there wasn’t a need for me to check back in till right before GAMETIME. If you were trying/hoping for 10 players you better call another forum in for invite. So this is off for tonight i assume?
  6. 4-0 Houston early. How does he do it?
  7. Enjoy sir.....fishing or just hanging at the lake picking up the ladies?
  8. I should be home and in.......do we have the rules set up yet? I’m looking for a shorter stack tourney and quicker blinds. Not. Many players but dont want to be playing a 2-3 hour tourney either....
  9. Canelo MUST of been better looking then your last piece of ass pal...... the old lady hooker was an all time great.......
  10. Looks like around 6 players..... about what i figured. .........i should be around...
  11. Tourney tonight or cash game tonight? Not sure we have enough Tim to get tourney going tonight.
  12. Great memory HUAD, i also remember Braydon offering to stake you.....I also remember you saying soon you would be at the cash table, do you also remember that? Probably not as you memory works well when it benefits you sir..... hope to see you at cash or tourney game soon...
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