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  1. Mofome


    Happpppppy New Year to you and the frog family!!! Thank you for support in the charities over the past year frogger!
  2. Mofome


    Bad mammer jammer!!!
  3. Before the game, 3-0 here, 1-0 v you yesterday. Still waiting on your payment. Funny when you pretend you were ever wronged. Typical stiff.
  4. All of his lying for the board...the blaming others for drama he created...then stiffing. High quality fella.
  5. Stiffy hating ...terrible disease
  6. Gabe is gonna make teddy regret this thread by laying naked before him in a motel 6 bed
  7. Tried to solicit funds from big mo for this shite. Gyno playing us all.
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