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  1. I said your wife's pussy was all fucked out from all those Gringos nailing her for $20.00 before you met he. Why would I get banned for telling the truth? Does she make you do a 30X rollover before sex? Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  2. If you had to sign either O.J. or Kaepernick who would it be? Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  3. Maybe FH picked O.J. up? There are a lot of free slot play promotions that he has missed while spending the last decade in prison. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  4. I go to the Palace Station a lot to pickup promotional items. Maybe I should start carrying my shank until I know O.J. is officially out of Vegas? Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  5. BREAKING NEWS! Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato 1-833-MEATMAN = Free Picks
  6. I can get you anything you want at the Clown Joint. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  7. I don't pay for my airtime. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  8. It was a contest about fucking your Mom. Everybody lost. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  9. As long as this filthy midget jew posts in my threads I will stay on the sideline. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  10. Got the first win in the Last Man Standing college football contest at Stations with the MEMPHIS TIGERS +3.5 winning outright. Now pulling for the Tulane Green Wave +33.5 and the Texas Longhorns +16.5 points. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  11. They might win OUTRIGHT. But take the five(5) touchdowns just to be on the safe side. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  12. Become friends with Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/dave.scandaliato Watch the rebroadcast of Sports Line Radio with Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato from Friday September 15th 2017 on this YouTube.com video. Sports Line airs live every Friday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm central time on 910AM WUBR CBS Sports Radio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can LISTEN LIVE at the www.PelicanSportsTV.com website or you can download their App. On this weeks Friday 9-15-17 program Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato released four(4) NCAA college football "against the spread" selecti
  13. Get Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato Last Man Standing plays for week #2 when you want the rebroadcast of Sports Line that airs every Friday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm central time on 910AM WUBR CBS Sports Radio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
  14. I am in both the pro and college football Last Man Standing football contest at Stations Casinos. It's two(2) different contest. $25.00 per entry. Buy four(1) get one(1) free. You pick one(1) game per week against the spread. If you win you move on. If you lose you are out. In the pro contest we had 4,595 entries. The first week as a group we were 860 wins and 3735 losses for just under 20% winners. I was two(2) wins and three(3) losses in this contest. I still have two(2) entries alive. There were 2,755 in the college contest. As a group week #1 we went 586 wins and 2,169 lo
  15. You mean that black thing on the top of the middle of the sun glasses? That's what makes them MeatMan Certified. Dave "The MeatMan" Scandaliato
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