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  1. felt square getting in at .125 yesterday. Now I feel square for not getting more
  2. the only update we need is if Brock is getting in.
  3. good thing you dont live in Texas. You'd really be old
  4. pretty much sums it up. If you do a lot of research (which I did) you will find the rec tech is better made/last longer/ doesnt have hot spots like some others etc. You can definitely go cheaper and it should work fine, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I looked at the Z grill and something Boss (walmart carries) but decided to spend a little more. I waited for them to go on sale (which they are now I believe) so it wasnt much different on price and i got pellets, a cover and some rub
  5. no propane. they are electric so you need an outlet. I do a reverse sear on steaks so they come out great. I smoke them at a low temp until around 120 degrees. Then crank up the grill to max which is about 500 degrees. The grill grates make it around 700 and they get real nice char marks that way. Best steaks ive had. Without the grates they were ok but didnt get that char which i like.
  6. they are a little pricier then some of the others but they are stainless steal and built to last.
  7. love mine. I got a rec tec 340 which is one of their smaller ones but it fits a 20 lb brisket so I really didnt need a bigger one. Comes with temp probs and an app. Alerts me if grill is getting to hot and when the food has reached the proper temp. No more adding wood chips/coal etc. I can throw on a brisket or a pork butt at night and the hopper has enough pellets for 20 hour smoke. you can even smoke cheese or make beef jerkey on it. I also purchased the grill grates which allows temps of 500-700 degrees for searing/grilling. They have a great warranty and customer service is aw
  8. houston 110 texas 130 baylor 210 alabama 80 florida st 60
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