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  1. Failing? He is a fuckin' zombie and has been.
  2. For the last 2 weeks we( my crew and I have been eating inside at various steak houses in so cal, there are numerous that are open and saying fuck it so they get all the business. Not just from us places are packed and it is wonderful, the employees are happy and we run up minimum $1200 bills every night and will continue to do so. Yes mask to get seated then mask off and do whatever you want, and some of these joints are even run by libtards that have had enough.
  3. In the middle, comedy gold from Louisiana's only f a g shrimp boat captain. At least own your love for liberal policies instead of I am a moderate bullshit you fucking fraud.
  4. Don't forget the party of science, except when it comes to x and y chromosomes then they get a little fuzzy.
  5. Enjoy, you've earned it( literally) nice job on the cryptos.
  6. I wonder( yes I do) who sticks more random items up their ass you or zzmocash, tiz a conundrum.
  7. jasson621


    Could be the Atacama desert
  8. Brock's kid would love to be your pet
  9. Craziness but well done, not sure if I would even dabble if I needed to.
  10. If this happens I will open up a custom Rim store and get about 4 trillion of that.
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