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  1. I'll take a stab and assume we've left Solvang
  2. He is transitioning so he can enter women only chicken wing eating contests
  3. Costs them zero with guaranteed bailouts coming, they could be making model T's and the pedocrats will bail them out.
  4. Gee hard to believe other countries have the balls to do this to the USA with our strong leadership. Pedo pres in Canada with blackface trying to scam more money for climate altering and making sure chicks with dicks and hood rats are beacons of society. All you scum that voted for this regime need yours kunts kicked.
  5. Each passing day I am more and more pleased I am shotless.
  6. Go to the Huntington Library in San Marino, I might even walk over and say hello (doubtful but you never know).
  7. The only thing he knows about transportation is that he has been rear ended a few times
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