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  1. there ain't any consequences Punchy other than you get knocked the fukk out and your head hit the floor.
  2. GDP 14% Trump approval 78% Rasmussen Poll Trump +113 Roody taking over for Pence. Merlin portfolio triples in 3 hours. winning MAGA
  3. no kids no grandkids no marshmallow dudes no zoo. ignore my ass kid
  4. how that change my world? you too soft listen to me kid.
  5. you see that on TV,? Read it in a book? Or you run your cokk gobbler for some to do? fukkin marshmallow tell everyone some shit about prison.
  6. guy make the GDP 8.2 in your world, fukk make it 12 Make no diff to me in mine.
  7. Nobodies wages have improved and nobodies wages will. The economic growth is not 5% In anyone's world but yours. That is all.
  8. I made .$13 in 87-89. That or career training/no yard time. Did one year labor and almost two CTI, learned to be a baker cuz they smuggle shit in through dock and pantry. Robert Cotton facility Jackson State
  9. Dave you ain't beat me or anyone else ever. at anything.
  10. I'm a really great plumber do I can be a drunk fukk while I work and steal shit if I think I'm entitled and drive the company truck pissed. Punchy cry his eyes out if he dropped a dime on the Eagles and watch the game, Wentz, Kelce, Ertz, all smoke a joint and do lines when the defense on the field.
  11. every drunk thief addict I ever met can justify his actions.
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