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  1. I'll tell you what, -BBB-. There's not a guy here who likes to have more fun and bust balls like this guy. But at this point, I'm gonna have to draw a line. Gonna go ahead and BOW out. So go ahead and chalk this one up as a W on your end. Ive said it before, and I'll say it again. I have ZERO (0) respect for you and your act. You are a condescending prick who just can't let things go. And just can't come to grips with why a slew of posters think you are trash. This thread this morning has brought you to a new low. A forum moderator going bottom of the barrel because he's upset
  2. The new face of TGF. Dont upset him or cross him folks. He’ll go on a multi day posting war binge. And when really desperate? He’s gonna go bottom of the barrel. It’s too bad. Feel bad for Kinger.
  3. And today you did. Is this a tag your it thing? Good Lord Bubba. Get a grip.
  4. I spoke nothing of my wife this morning. You did. Because you are completely off the rails unhinged right now. Stay classy Bubba.
  5. The new face of TGF guys. On full display here. What a gem of a guy.
  6. Real classy Bubba. Hick preaches the past few days it's not cool to bring family into it. Goes to the bottom of the barrel now because he mad. Real mad.
  7. Anything else guys? No time like the present to get it all off your chests. Maybe start bumping some old threads or something like that. That's always a sweet go to when you are unhinged.
  8. Stop being dumb Kolzer. It takes TWO (2) to tango. In this case three (3). There are two of the three who got their feelings hurt that past few days. And it's pretty obvious who they are. I'm just enjoying the meltdowns.
  9. You are out golfing right now and power posting at the same time because I hurt your feelings last night. You should be enjoying that new golf bag you sucked e-dick for. Not worried about what I posted last night. Get well soon, kid.
  10. Oooh. You really got my blood boiling now. I might have to make it a $1k post up challenge with Kinger to prove you wrong. Go Bubba go!
  11. Never seen someone get so butt hurt from being called something as meaningless as HICK. Multi-day tilt. Multiple threads. Videos. A goodbye thread. The whole shabang. Keep it rolling Bubba. This is good stuff.
  12. Are you drunk already? I've posted in one thread today. And it is this one. And I'm pretty sure it was near the TOP of page 1.
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