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  1. hi milwaukee mike wisconsin is a place i am very curious about but i don't know much ado bout nothing much except: anthony pettis, rose namajunas, ben rothwell whom all 3 are involved with the ufc then you have aaron rodgers and the green bay packers who are owned by the fans, which is very weird unlike the rest of the nfl which have actual ownership i don't know why but when i was a kid, i found the bucks very interesting because the team that i had a chance to follow at the time (lakers) only played the bucks 2 times a year and i had limited knowledge of them but they had players li
  2. yesterday everyone got mad at the rams and referees for winning the game without understanding that the the rams have a new stadium coming up with relationship to the nfl it's a little discouraging that we have to withstand this life that life is about lying in so many aspects that we just have to stay quiet about everything because it is our own life and we don't want to get shot or go to jail i am mature enough to know now that it's ok there are more lies to come but the most important thing to me is to understand the lie, why people don't want everyone to find out that it's a lie and ho
  3. i've been wanting to type some stuff about william sean creighton but i read an article off gambling911 that no morgue in costa rica has ever received a body from 5dimes yet i have a lot of hatred towards 5dimes since i quit playing there about 3 years ago but before i say anything too much about tony williams i wanted to be sure 100% about a body we need to keep revisiting this guy because a guy like him applies to everyday life a guy like tony might never come again for a long time but that's only because everyday people don't get a platform like him we come across people like tony i
  4. last sunday night i had the under 8.5 on the red sox and the yankees game, sold half a run to get +135 and you know what happened had to sit through almost 4 and a half fuckin' hours of baseball to see my risk of about $150 worth of bitcoin down the drain since i planned on cashing out over $350 can't tell you how fuckin' mad i was about that stupid game, especially aroldis chapman speaking of aroldis, the cubs on the other hand got rid of him because the cubs front office know what they are doing, they know talent and joe maddon is the best manager in baseball as an unbiased sports fa
  5. i am happy to realize that you were banned for 6 months instead of the 2 years because you didn't know or you forgot from the obvious looks of things, it looks like you didn't know that blood transfusions are a NO NO during the times the city government has to pave the roads here in the usa i'm going to go ahead and give you the benefit of a doubt on your situation but it looks extremely dumb that you "happened" to see your car being towed when blood doping is illegal in the united states of america i hope to see that you have indeed stopped being a muther fuckin' idiot at your next weig
  6. leonard hamilton has been the coach at fsu for a long time and not one time ever had he had a chance to go to the final four his entire coaching career, he had not gone past the sweet 16 but in this game he was a champion already, appearing in his first elite 8 game did anyone not see the famous post game interview with dana jacobson? everything is in there and i felt really left out he told his entire family and close friends to bet on fsu spread because even if they don't win, they will fight down 10 with 2 minutes left to cover the spread a lot of fsu people got this inside informa
  7. i would like to say that i did not have any total or side in this game, no moneyline, no spread, no NOTHING i really wanted to let this game pass after over 24 hours or more before i check the threads to see if anyone said anything about this game how the fuck is there nothing to be said about leonard hamilton after what happened? roughly around 11 seconds left in the game michigan gets the ball after fsu misses the shot and nothing else happens but the clock running out are you fuckin' stupid? did you all have fsu +4.5 and so you ain't saying shit? this is why i don't like you. Ju
  8. kaia kanepi only had a bad ranking because she was out for a year, but let me tell you that she has earned every single match since she came back in june, she has worked very hard and cibulkova has no excuses losing in the first round because if you are a real top 20 top 30 girl, you will beat a girl like kanepi for sure. i very much agree with you sleep that cibulkova had to play kanepi and kerber which is very unlucky but that's too bad because it was a real test to see if she was good or not PLUS she got blasted in straight sets without it being close, that is a NO NO sevastova is nothi
  9. cibulkova has not been playing that well herself since the season started back up again in fact to me she had no business having the great miracle 2017 that she did, sleepy she's only like 5 foot 3 inches tall dominika cibulkova ball toss in the air is way too high and of course she has to do that because she is so short. but let me tell you she was so good at it in 2017 so damn lucky and good that there is no way in hell to me that she is going to be able to replicate that shit again mladenonvic on the other hand is amazon woman compared to shorty dominika, kiki is over damn 6 feet and
  10. it seems to me that you have 2 separate tickets on the eagles to win the superbowl according to your post #139 on dec 12th 2017 you had me thinking you put $20 on eagles +4000 and then another $20 on eagles +6000 somewhere before the 3rd game of the season to when it was 0-0 then according to your post #258 on jan 21, 2018 you now basically say you have $50 on eagles +4000 and another $50 on eagles +5000 dude are you lyin' or what? either way just post a screenshot of them tickets, hell you might have 3 tickets for all that i care but prove me wrong because i think i caught you red hand
  11. never done any illegal drugs, never even tried them 1 time. when i had my wisdom teeth removed, the dentist game me some opiates to help with the pain, i didn't take them, just only the 800 mgs advil i know cigarettes are legal and everyone has tried them as least once, but not me about 18 years ago, i quit a job, my last day but that night i went to a place called burbank bar and grill with co-workers they had me do a very strong drink with jack daniels in it, i forget what it's called but it goes something like "bye bye muther fuckers" whatever it was i blacked out in someone's fan
  12. the td by the vikings didn't factor into any bets for me but 1 week later marcus williams really bothers me. i'm getting really sick and tired of seeing dumb plays but the articles out there state that he missed the tackle and i am going BERSERK. vikings had no timeouts and the ball was hiked with 10 seconds left and thrown inside the 35 yard line, the focus should have been to allow diggs to make the catch but pull him away from the sidelines, don't even focus on a tackle because the chains will need to be moved and time will run out. marcus williams instead goes underneath, hits nothing
  13. sleepy, do you happen to be a star wars fan? i type in caroline wozniacki scores on google because i know the latest matches are going to pop up but then i see a j fett winning the first set woz was down 5-1 in the final set before winning the last 6 games in a row to take the match? oh my god, i thought to myself JANGO FETT you gotta be kidding me, glad you won but if i saw the live odds, i would have definitely pounced on wozniacki live for $50 down 5-1 that was the ultimate chance on a tennis major, last year's french open for example was ostapenko winning it all, check the odds on
  14. anyone with facebook pretty much is buried deep in the ground and a gigantic oil rig is fuckin' you up where the sun shines it's a great place if you want to get found and dug on up otherwise they have a lot of security concerns, for 1=someone on your friends list who allow anyone to see their friends or simply you commenting on an item that they have public leaving you totally exposed
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