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  1. hi milwaukee mike wisconsin is a place i am very curious about but i don't know much ado bout nothing much except: anthony pettis, rose namajunas, ben rothwell whom all 3 are involved with the ufc then you have aaron rodgers and the green bay packers who are owned by the fans, which is very weird unlike the rest of the nfl which have actual ownership i don't know why but when i was a kid, i found the bucks very interesting because the team that i had a chance to follow at the time (lakers) only played the bucks 2 times a year and i had limited knowledge of them but they had players like sydney moncrief, terry cummings, alvin robertson, and ricky pierce off the bench in the modern time, i believe that jason kidd looks very bad at this point because he wasn't able to do anything with all those players honestly i would really like to go to milwaukee and talk to as many bucks fans as i can to really try and ask them what happened because they had with jason kidd basically the same guys, and now all of a sudden mike budenholdzer who was with the shitty atlanta hawks is all of a sudden like steve kerr a little bit when mark jackson couldn't win the championship with them, you know what i mean? i remember last year khris middleton hit a huge 3 pointer to send a playoff game into overtime, which they didn't win in overtime but all i remember after the bucks didn't win in the playoffs was the giannis fucked up, didn't make both free throws and something is just totally not right with me now as far as the bucks i'm a very unbiased los angeles sports fan but i think back without too much specifics regarding last season with them, and i was so fuckin' mad at the bucks and giannis and now all of a sudden they are fuckin' good this year if you know me enough, i don't like being tricked and gyped but i really hope that the bucks don't have fake titties i am telling you the bucks look like they have no breast implants unlike last year, and this time the whole team looks so real and i really appreciate natural beauty in other words if the milwaukee bucks get swept in the first round, only able to win like 1 game in the first or 2nd round after all this hoopla that has allowed them to be this good right now, let me tell you, they better be real and if not rampage shall happen, 2nd round pick guy khris middleton will be wasted and i really hate fake bullshit can you imagine a penis being cut off and being surgically repaired to look like a real vagina all of a sudden? no disrespect to the LGBT community and all that but I'M MAD and i need more real shit in my life
  2. yesterday everyone got mad at the rams and referees for winning the game without understanding that the the rams have a new stadium coming up with relationship to the nfl it's a little discouraging that we have to withstand this life that life is about lying in so many aspects that we just have to stay quiet about everything because it is our own life and we don't want to get shot or go to jail i am mature enough to know now that it's ok there are more lies to come but the most important thing to me is to understand the lie, why people don't want everyone to find out that it's a lie and how many people will get their guns or punches out to knock it into you that you should believe it as being the truth before i start talking about lies and stuff, i want to reiterate that i don't mind it at all but it's important for me to understand why it happened on every single occurrence as much as possible i have gathered to find out that many of the biggest lies that matter has something to do with commanding more money or making sure that you don't lose big but it has a lot to do with money police every now and then you hear about that they are planting evidence why? well their departments need to dip into the tax payers money account anyway they can so that they can win as many cases as they can in the court of law per year do you think that people who are wrongly convicted after spending months or years in jail should get a lot of money? yes they deserve everything but there's no account with money in it for them to get paid from once they are free i have nothing against law enforcement agencies but now that i am older i am grateful to understand why people like mark fuhrman was said to have tried to get oj simpson in trouble in 1994 as an example please do not argue with me about the oj simpson case, please do not argue with me about the rams saints game, please do not argue with me about you hating the police and all that this is definitely not my point last time i was here, too many people tried to argue with me about mckayla maroney's surgeries, brazilian butt implants and all that i never responded much but many people were telling me that i was wrong to think that it was fake on her why do reality shows always get the highest ratings when the shows aren't even real? do we not know that the nfl is rigged yet we are very entertained by all the games? not all games are rigged, not all reality shows are fake but i'm just saying that the rams lost, mark fuhrman may or may not have been caught, and mckayla maroney has butt implants the key to mckayla maroney and the nfl is that you have to make it everything seem real as much as possible all the fans need to come to assistance for the rams as to why they deserve to be in the superbowl by talking about the previous penalties that should have been called against the saints it's ok if you like people like mckayla maroney who have had surgeries to enhance themselves but first admit that she has fake body parts it's ok if you're happy the saints lost because of what they did last year to you or a game 3 years ago that caused you to lose a 19 game parlay that would have paid out $250,000 from just a $90 risk, just be upfront about why you think they deserve it because there aren't many people out there who are 100% impartial anyone who gets mad at the show keeping up with the kardashians should just stay quiet, just because that idiot show has been around for over 10 years, how can such mass amounts of people be so entertained by a lying show like that, a show that makes MILLIONS, billions, whatever if mckayla maroney is able to command the best male future husband after all them surgeries and cosmetics, uplifting, WHATEVER, then good for her, he's probably going to have a lot of money too with nice houses yesterday the NFL pretty much told me that they would like for the rams to do well for many years to come, they have a new stadium coming up, the nfl probably invested a little something in that stadium deal without me even doing research and i hope that nobody gets mad at anything we must understand everything as much as possible but if you're going to shoot someone because you're going to die anyways, make sure that you don't harm any innocent people and do your research beforehand ok? i hope that all of you have a better life from here on out, become understanding of as many lies as possible and not be affected by anything just because you are jealous of mckayla maroney or WHATEVER/whomever the case may be and please don't go after the mandalay bay for lying either and withholding video when you know casinos in las vegas have cameras EVERYWHERE, they have way more money than you and will BURY YOU ALIVE what about the fbi in the city of las vegas? the state of nevada? NO JUST STAY QUIET and don't @ me either thank you for reading
  3. i've been wanting to type some stuff about william sean creighton but i read an article off gambling911 that no morgue in costa rica has ever received a body from 5dimes yet i have a lot of hatred towards 5dimes since i quit playing there about 3 years ago but before i say anything too much about tony williams i wanted to be sure 100% about a body we need to keep revisiting this guy because a guy like him applies to everyday life a guy like tony might never come again for a long time but that's only because everyday people don't get a platform like him we come across people like tony in our everyday lives guys and you know it, we don't even need repetitive shit to happen like tony was doing all those years what i really like about this 5dimes situation is that many people will back tony up like a son fact of the matter is that many relatives have already come to his rescue, it was said the family hired 2 former fbi agents to go to costa rica and investigate his disappearance but you know what, anyone with connection to 5dimes after all these years is guilty whether you have played with 5dimes, whether you don't know all the bad that tony has done throughout all those years, whether you say that 5dimes has always paid you through thick and thin, it doesn't matter, all of you are guilty how can you not respect all the complaints against 5dimes? yes there are many uneducated fools who have no base of their complaints against 5dimes but there are also that some like me who have the legitimate complaints there is not even a need to ask me what legit complaints i might have because there are so many of them on the internet for you to see for yourself, hell look at the twitter line of 5dimes and take the time it takes to go back years and years to see what everyone said about payouts amazon gift card fraud? credit card fraud from employees trying to buy stuff with customers stored credit cards? i hope all of you have a great life not enough to care about people like this i hope all of you have all the money in the world to live comfortably the rest of your life without giving a rat's ass about people like tony i hope all of you have really good health and you will die old and healthy however, if you know you're about to die or want to die, please do not harm innocent people and like i said william sean creighton is guilty so please go ahead and figure what i'm basically saying THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. last sunday night i had the under 8.5 on the red sox and the yankees game, sold half a run to get +135 and you know what happened had to sit through almost 4 and a half fuckin' hours of baseball to see my risk of about $150 worth of bitcoin down the drain since i planned on cashing out over $350 can't tell you how fuckin' mad i was about that stupid game, especially aroldis chapman speaking of aroldis, the cubs on the other hand got rid of him because the cubs front office know what they are doing, they know talent and joe maddon is the best manager in baseball as an unbiased sports fan, i would like to touch base with all the hardcore cubs fans if you're here again since i've made a few posts about the cubs in the past (mostly good) but make sure you look to get rid of jason heyward throughout the lifetime of that stupid contract no matter how good the stats start popping up. cubs are so damn smart, they got the most out of another guy named dexter fowler, and unloaded him at the right time, i still can't believe how good he was able to do on the cubs though but only a franchise like the cubs can over maximize players similar to what the boston celtics do with their players in the nba GET RID OF ADDISON RUSSELL, i said it last year or the year before whenever it was but he's an annoying little prick, PLEASE, pretty please don't treat him like you did darwin barney and starlin castro years ago, you hold onto players bum players way too long and i'm letting you know as an unbiased sports fan on the west coast, get rid of him as soon as you can! i don't really want to get into the pitchers right now but kris bryant needs to stop striking out too much. He's a good player, his average is decent, he can hit homers at any given point, and his errors are ok, just don't be committing any crucial errors in a tie game or close game for that matter, etc i know some people might think rizzo is shit but he's alright in my books, joe maddon is so smart to help try and boost him by batting him first, i'm totally ok with anthony rizzo, he be fuckin' up a lot but i've seen him enough to know that in crucial situations he can get aboard when needed whether by drawing a walk, getting hit by the pitch, or drawing an error to get on base BARE MINIMUM fat penguin schwarber too is alright, his average be suckin' ass but he can get you homers at any given time as far as david bote goes, i had money on the cubs live +276 after carl edwards got the first out and then another +212 for a run to happen before the cubs batted in the bottom of the 9th heyward was able to get aboard on an infield single after replay, then there was basically the 2 other baserunners from hit batters by ryan madson pinch hitter was david bote, i never even heard of this muther fucker i clicked on his stats and mainly saw a .314 batting average at the time and 2 homers and i'm like this guy has a good chance his stats aren't fake because as i stated joe maddon is the best manager in baseball in my opinion, joe maddon puts batters up there on PURPOSE unlike so many of these other retarded managers this dude hits a walk off grand slam down by 3 runs at home in the 9th inning, WOW that is some miracle shit, i had never even heard of david bote, never seen the name NOTHING but the cubs just keep doing it again time after time finding a diamond in the rough to help them win chicago cubs fans you should be extremely proud of your franchise who know what the hell they are doing unlike so many other sports teams out there who don't know talent anyways it was great that a historical grand slam that happened on national tv in my favor after all that bullshit that happened last sunday in the 9th inning at boston THANK YOU!!!!!
  5. i am happy to realize that you were banned for 6 months instead of the 2 years because you didn't know or you forgot from the obvious looks of things, it looks like you didn't know that blood transfusions are a NO NO during the times the city government has to pave the roads here in the usa i'm going to go ahead and give you the benefit of a doubt on your situation but it looks extremely dumb that you "happened" to see your car being towed when blood doping is illegal in the united states of america i hope to see that you have indeed stopped being a muther fuckin' idiot at your next weigh ins but i highly doubt it
  6. leonard hamilton has been the coach at fsu for a long time and not one time ever had he had a chance to go to the final four his entire coaching career, he had not gone past the sweet 16 but in this game he was a champion already, appearing in his first elite 8 game did anyone not see the famous post game interview with dana jacobson? everything is in there and i felt really left out he told his entire family and close friends to bet on fsu spread because even if they don't win, they will fight down 10 with 2 minutes left to cover the spread a lot of fsu people got this inside information and didn't share it with nobody, not even me i'm MAD, i'm ANGRY and i have a passion for fixed games, thanks for listening to my rant
  7. i would like to say that i did not have any total or side in this game, no moneyline, no spread, no NOTHING i really wanted to let this game pass after over 24 hours or more before i check the threads to see if anyone said anything about this game how the fuck is there nothing to be said about leonard hamilton after what happened? roughly around 11 seconds left in the game michigan gets the ball after fsu misses the shot and nothing else happens but the clock running out are you fuckin' stupid? did you all have fsu +4.5 and so you ain't saying shit? this is why i don't like you. Just because something brilliant happens to you, you don't say a thing i hate college basketball and i'm telling you, teams and coaches be doing the shit on purpose fuckin' fouling with less than 30 seconds in the game and you're down by double digits this is the biggest fuckin' stupid ass shit to have to endure when it comes to betting on college basketball, the stupid ass fouls, the fact that these college idiots can't make free throws and it's fuckin' STUPID college basketball is so fuckin' easy to rig the spread, rig the total because of the stupid bullshit that can happen with fouls i'm telling you that i love rigged games because i know how to be on the right side of it, but this past season for college basketball was a little different, and that's not including the march madness i can't tell you how many times early in the college basketball season that i bet on a team that should have been rigged, i was always sure to be on the correct side but why wasn't it happening? then i figured it out, OH!!!! fuckin' idiot schools were under investigation during the regular season, shit at that point for me i was like got damn it, i guess i gotta wait till march madness to see if games finally get rigged FOR REAL i'm telling you and you seasoned gamblers can attest to what i have to say about this but the teams that were supposed to win and cover during the regular season HAPPENED. All the totals that were supposed to go over went OVER the public won during the regular season and i fuckin' knew it. i never bet with the public and so i knew i had to try and wait till march madness anyways there have been only 2 games i have been able to bet on that was supposed to be rigged and ended up being rigged: betting against unc spread first round i think with the +21.5 or whatever that shit was and villanova under with texas tech all fuckin' college basketball regular season long i was waiting for these type of games to cash on but it never happened, not till these 2 march madness games fuck the investigation, so fuckin' happy the investigation didn't apply to those 2 games i bet on but fuckin' fsu +4.5 with leonard hamilton anyways fuck you florida people in here, do you know how to speak up? do you know how to be proactive? just because it wasn't your child that got runned the fuck over in the news you ain't gonna say shit? i have caught you RED HANDED florida FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. kaia kanepi only had a bad ranking because she was out for a year, but let me tell you that she has earned every single match since she came back in june, she has worked very hard and cibulkova has no excuses losing in the first round because if you are a real top 20 top 30 girl, you will beat a girl like kanepi for sure. i very much agree with you sleep that cibulkova had to play kanepi and kerber which is very unlucky but that's too bad because it was a real test to see if she was good or not PLUS she got blasted in straight sets without it being close, that is a NO NO sevastova is nothing to be worried about, anyone can beat her and anyone can lose to her vesnina is five foot 11 but she doesn't have that good a serve, she is not going to overpower nothing with the serve, she is only good at placing the serve in a certain spot and getting into long rallies when possible in order to win kiki has very good serve, she's over 6 feet tall, how the hell can she still be in a top 10 after all those losses? anyone in tennis knows that she is always a force to be reckoned with and she has a very unique game that will be able to stop cibulkova at times. That is to be able to rally anytime with 5 foot 3 and then all of a sudden DROP SHOT her to death on the point and screw with her mind dominika cibulkova -300 ? that is just way too dangerous, way not worth it, it's only there because of the big losses in a row from mladenovic but let me tell you kiki retired in a match prior to her first round loss in the australia open match that she lost 10 days later why would kiki be playing again 2 weeks later in a match in russia? this has got to be the biggest question of them all. is she healthy? is she only entering to preserve her ranking? at -300 and a guy like me who respects the oddsmakers i think it's totally worth it to bet on kiki to take a set banking on that she is healthy, because if she wasn't good to go like i said earlier, it should be -500
  9. cibulkova has not been playing that well herself since the season started back up again in fact to me she had no business having the great miracle 2017 that she did, sleepy she's only like 5 foot 3 inches tall dominika cibulkova ball toss in the air is way too high and of course she has to do that because she is so short. but let me tell you she was so good at it in 2017 so damn lucky and good that there is no way in hell to me that she is going to be able to replicate that shit again mladenonvic on the other hand is amazon woman compared to shorty dominika, kiki is over damn 6 feet and all she gotta do is hold on the serve game which she can and then break cibulkova at the opportune times in fact SNAP city her neck in half and remind little 5 foot 3 midget you are shorter than sara errani of all people! -300 ain't even worth it, the absolute safe play to me +1.5 sets for kiki which from what i see has +104 odds on pinnacle, looks ok based on the head to head matchups honestly to me and if kiki is so inferior to cibulkova based on the head to head matchups with all those losses in a row that kiki has, it shouldn't be no -300, should be like -500 to -600 so obviously the oddsmakers know that this is WTA, kiki is still ranked in the top 10 i think and this is a great spot for france amazon lady!
  10. it seems to me that you have 2 separate tickets on the eagles to win the superbowl according to your post #139 on dec 12th 2017 you had me thinking you put $20 on eagles +4000 and then another $20 on eagles +6000 somewhere before the 3rd game of the season to when it was 0-0 then according to your post #258 on jan 21, 2018 you now basically say you have $50 on eagles +4000 and another $50 on eagles +5000 dude are you lyin' or what? either way just post a screenshot of them tickets, hell you might have 3 tickets for all that i care but prove me wrong because i think i caught you red handed bro'
  11. never done any illegal drugs, never even tried them 1 time. when i had my wisdom teeth removed, the dentist game me some opiates to help with the pain, i didn't take them, just only the 800 mgs advil i know cigarettes are legal and everyone has tried them as least once, but not me about 18 years ago, i quit a job, my last day but that night i went to a place called burbank bar and grill with co-workers they had me do a very strong drink with jack daniels in it, i forget what it's called but it goes something like "bye bye muther fuckers" whatever it was i blacked out in someone's fan, i threw up and i was laying down, the clothes i was wearing near my right shoulder were done for, i had to borrow a shirt from my friend. ever since that time, i stayed away from straight hard liquor. i tried to get a little cute with some grey goose, pour a little of it in some beer, whatever you call that welp, no good for me either. so i have had to stick with beer and wine since but vermouth is my choice look up martini rossi extra dry vermouth, perfect alcohol content for me right around 15% or maybe a little more sorry to all you legal prescription drug people out there who get their medicines legal too but cocaine and all that is not for me THANK YOU
  12. the td by the vikings didn't factor into any bets for me but 1 week later marcus williams really bothers me. i'm getting really sick and tired of seeing dumb plays but the articles out there state that he missed the tackle and i am going BERSERK. vikings had no timeouts and the ball was hiked with 10 seconds left and thrown inside the 35 yard line, the focus should have been to allow diggs to make the catch but pull him away from the sidelines, don't even focus on a tackle because the chains will need to be moved and time will run out. marcus williams instead goes underneath, hits nothing but air on the vikings receiver and even blocks his own other man out from running after diggs to try and do something. and yet a lot of louisiana people stating chin up to marcus williams? like you gonna allow him to still have a job in new orleans after the most retarded 1 play history in the nfl with all that on the line for the franchise? guys i'm telling you 5dimes and sbr is worst than marcus williams yet people still forgive 5dimes yet marcus williams done 1 retarded play like that what to do guys? guys marcus williams is a rookie, i leave it on up to all the nfl teams never to sign him due to his stupidity. marcus williams deserves to live, don't kill him, don't shoot him, he's only 21 years old, he didn't mean to cost anyone big money on the other hand? 5dimes don't care about you, they are getting paid. sbr don't care about you because 5dimes is paying them. 5dimes and sbr done the marcus williams things like 1 million times. I demand 5dimes to get investigated thoroughly to make sure all the innocent people working for 5dimes and sbr do not get victimized. Now that we have established sbr and 5dimes, there is no more need to be said about these 2 entities. Marcus Williams on the other hand, make sure you wait him out because he should be very gone in the nfl within about 3 years or less just like rahim moore. Would you rather die or be able to work at mcdonalds full time with good benefits for you and your family? Back to 5dimes and sbr. Are all of you healthy here on TGF? Are all of you happy with life in general even though we have some bad years, 1 stupid play here and there? Great, don't risk your life with 5dimes and sbr, just stay shut up because your good life is overlapping those 2 guys taking advantage of people and ripping them off. I myself am very good with life right now but in 50 years that might change, who knows. I'm not going to do anything with sbr and 5dimes even though i get sick and tired of hearing their bullshit, i wish justice upon them. On the other hand if you know you're about to die, i suggest for you to do research on 5dimes and sbr. Gather as much information about these 2 entities, conduct interviews with as many people as you possibly can and make sure that they aren't drunk or anything and make sure you don't mess with any innocent people, THANK YOU.
  13. sleepy, do you happen to be a star wars fan? i type in caroline wozniacki scores on google because i know the latest matches are going to pop up but then i see a j fett winning the first set woz was down 5-1 in the final set before winning the last 6 games in a row to take the match? oh my god, i thought to myself JANGO FETT you gotta be kidding me, glad you won but if i saw the live odds, i would have definitely pounced on wozniacki live for $50 down 5-1 that was the ultimate chance on a tennis major, last year's french open for example was ostapenko winning it all, check the odds on that there is always gonna be that 1 match on a grand slam major that makes you go mental anyways i love wta because it is more realistic that a break happens anytime unlike the atp which can be extremely hard tsonga was down 3-1 for example in the final set, i found it extremely tight in my body and in my brain to bet on him at that point because well for one shapovalov what the fuck happened, russia match fixers can you say?
  14. anyone with facebook pretty much is buried deep in the ground and a gigantic oil rig is fuckin' you up where the sun shines it's a great place if you want to get found and dug on up otherwise they have a lot of security concerns, for 1=someone on your friends list who allow anyone to see their friends or simply you commenting on an item that they have public leaving you totally exposed
  15. wow bobby has a few videos from 2007 and 2006 on youtube, that's like legend status being that youtube was born in 2005, kudos to you bobby the brain
  16. how many members of usa mens soccer play in a formidable league? spain, germany, england, netherlands, france, and italy are probably the top 6 leagues around the world for soccer, do any usa players play in these leagues? the answer is NO why even have MLS ? you can't even qualify for the 2018 world cup due to losing to TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO? oh my god can't you fuckin' say retard nation, LOL the fuck is wrong with you? first time usa mens soccer hasn't qualified since 1986 and all this time since 1986 you have tried to make soccer relevant in the united states by announcing MLS in 1993 and then not playing an actual season till 1996 how the fuck can anyone expect to be a proud american when it comes to soccer, i mean get the fuck outta here, can you say walk with a hitch and a bent arm? RETARD NATION here we are! absolute stupidity that i will not be able to stand!
  17. http://thehill.com/homenews/house/353956-gop-lawmaker-to-unveil-bill-banning-bump-stocks here we go, more dumb shit i can't stand and don't make sense Yo' guys pretty soon checking into a hotel will mean the equivalent to a 1 hour layover at the airports From now on you will not be able to enter any hotels with a hammer because you might break the windows with it Your shoes will be subject so be prepared to take them off because you might have a bomb in them Say bye bye to all your metals in your luggage because that might mean you have guns in them that come apart piece by piece Sorry for all the travelers who have to stand in long lines at the airport, soon you're going to have to endure the same shit before you check into your hotel
  18. OH AND i forget to say, how the hell was he caught as fast as he was? Smoke alarm detectors from all that gun powder saved the day guys. Paddock probably realized OH SHIT forgot to cover the damn smoke alarms and that has got to be the key considering the cameras he had all over including the genius ones out the peephole and the room service cart outside of the room. This could have been a lot worse
  19. "North Korea might have a bomb that can reach as far as California and Nevada." WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? have you ever looked on a map to see what's in between north korea and california let alone nevada? you mean to tell me that south korea, japan, and hawaii are going to just stand there after the bombings and then do something? Absolutely fuckin' retarded to even talk about a north korea bomb that will reach california mind you i can understand if there's a special bomb they might have that can reach hawaii, south korea, japan, california, and nevada at the same time but the shit just does not make any sense at all, it's stupid, it's fuckin' retarded, and i am getting sick of dumb shit being reported like this, i can't stand it. i have got to believe that hawaii has missiles pointed towards california that can shoot down weak ass north korea bullshit that might have traveled that fuckin' far at LEAST! Are these reports being written from people who have anxiety disease, on medication and don't have a fuckin' clue? DON'T BE SCARED HOMIE!
  20. here's what i learned, stephen paddock used modified and sophisticated weapons so much that for 1=nobody saw any flashes on the 32nd floor and how is this so? well apparently there's some weapons intelligence that can be added on in such a way that no sparks can be seen when the weapons are being fired upon, no lighting to give way as to where the firing is coming from. It's called muzzle something whatever the hell i read but it was some advanced shit and now we're talking about video that showed flashes from the 4th floor? something definitely doesn't make sense about the 4th floor and i'm leaning towards retarded reporting on whatever the fuck happened on the 4th floor.
  21. i like the reality of this revelation because the honest truth is that a lot of people out here need to pay bills. Being that you didn't ask anything after all of this and that we are talking tuesday night, my brain goes WOW working on a tuesday night at a bar when there's hardly going to be any customers compared to the weekend, yep this is a what you call struggle boat but who knows, maybe not in that much of a struggle if the funds were good enough to go to a las vegas concert this past weekend if you aren't in las vegas.
  22. https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/the-strip/las-vegas-strip-shooter-prescribed-anti-anxiety-drug-in-june/ i strongly never suggest anyone to do any drugs, even if they are legal. The reason being is that when you feel that you have nothing to lose, you're about to die, and/or lost a lot of money that you feel you won't be able to overcome, legal prescriptions and illegal drugs can cause your brain to go on a rampage.. Whether or not you choose to act out on your brain's rampage is up to how many people that you love, how many people you care about, and how many people love you and don't want you to act on your rampage. We are gamblers in this forum and it's all about the percentages the more you study. I wanna tell you that mental health is so fuckin' bizarre and underrated. Mental health patients are so fuckin' scary because they are under a protected class according to united states law. It's like dude, you were able to buy guns legally last month despite being prescribed something like diazepam 3 months prior? Don't be the muther fucker to complain that you lost on your ronda rousey bet when holly holm was a +1000, you know what i mean? Know the shit that added up to fight, did you not even watch when ronda rousey was a coach on the ultimate fighter 18 against miesha tate? i mean do you even remember last college football season when clemson was at home against the pittsburgh panthers? Look at the odds on Pitt winning and the outcome of course, sorry guys but we gotta get better at taking care of business before the suicide happens by the perpetrator. if you got muther fuckin' pain, wait till the last fuckin' minute before you ask for meds. Do you even know what a warrior is? Just cause you got all that money and treat it like a hot potato, you don't fuckin' know what to do with it, so you do what you do. Hell send your 1 million or 100,000 to the philippines that's almost like 1 million us dollars anyways bitch obviously you got money and you don't care. Your dad was on the muther fuckin' fbi's 10 most wanted list in the late 60s can you say mental? Will shit like this never dawn on a bay that their father was a criminal, got caught, escaped, was on the run for a long time and finally got caught, etc i mean yo', i totally believe in corruption for example just as long as innocent people are never involved. So many unsolved mysteries out there and you know what this stephen paddock bullshit has so many mysteries. Once again my take is that some people need to be taken out before they become a problem BEFORE they are allowed to even rent a room. And before we decide to put $100 against ronda rousey to make a $1000 return we need to make sure that the bet would be worth it. I nominate stephen paddock as ronda rousey but obviously nobody put any money against him and i am EXTREMELY ashamed the massacre happened.
  23. http://ktla.com/2017/07/12/lapd-search-for-suspect-in-felony-hit-and-run-that-left-woman-with-head-injuries/ i don't like politics at all, i like science. The actual crash video is the science while the article above has all the politics and so does all the interviews. When i was a kid going to school in the 1980s and 1990s i wanted to know where AIDS came from. i read some books, took some classes, and they said what they said. Yeah so it gets transmitted through bodily fluids, unprotected sexual intercourse, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Now that i am older, i get extremely irritated reading the same stuff that i read back then about where AIDS come from and i am really sick of it now. Yes you can get AIDS from blood transfusions too but what about males who do each other up the butt with no condom? I'm talking about male dirty peehole who touches base with another male who has rotten shit stuck up their ass without no bath, without no enema, no nothing, just took a shit 10 minutes before getting fucked up the ass without knowing because they were doing drugs, sharing needles and getting drunk. Yeah lets go ahead and throw in some mental instability in there which is out there as a commonplace because simply put there are just people who don't know any better out there, weren't taught nothing and/or don't want to be taught. Why can't there be a show on video where a group of scientists talk about what happens when nasty shit goes inside peeholes? Why can't there be a show where science talks about nasty pee that goes inside a butt hole ? yes we know EXIT only so how the hell does this stuff happen? I would say a combination of mental instability and drug people who have no control, tend to wake up every now and then not knowing what they did the previous night. Laugh all you want but allow me to be the scientist to point out that the video looks to show a green light for the van who did the hit and run, probably going at least 45-50 mph in a 35 mph zone. The van should have stopped yes but why be stupid in the first place like that without seeing you're out of the crosswalk, don't you see red and green light? Why the fuck would you walk across the road like you own it during night time, put your hands up in the air and think a van is going to stop for you? I mean if you have green light and you're walking inside the crosswalk you don't need to put your hands in the air to let anybody know they should stop, do you even know how to measure distance and speed? i know alcohol is legal but to some people out there, alcohol is like 100 times the effect that they might get from doing heroin, just because it's legal, maybe you shouldn't be doing it then dummy, oh well i would say that common sense is the best form of science, thank goodness my average intelligence is enough to grasp important things here and there.
  24. no, it is very rare that a thread in this forum has enticed me at a reply and it's been months. Why would i troll on purpose when i have a reputation here? The bottom line in this thread is that it is very obvious never to take advantage of underage kids. And you have to absolutely know where you are in this world because a south korea person is considered a kid at 19, do we not respect that just because we are in the united states of america and we have states who have rules that say 16 would be ok let alone 18? what about hakeem olajuwon and nigeria being the age of consent at 11 years old and do you not remember how young his girl was that he got married to while still in the nba? yes do the research on 1 of the best centers in nba history, the country that he is from and how old he got a girl while still in the nba in his prime. I remember kid rock didn't care if a lady claimed to be 35 years old, he just needed to see some ID while on the party bus. NEVERMIND even id, how about going to the dmv to make sure the id is even REAL? So am i trolling you? NO, and thank your devil, or god church whatever the fuck you believe in that i am taking the time to explain this to you because too many people need to get a fuckin' CLUE. The moral of the story is that it is so obvious that pete rose went with a 16 year old,and everyone is extremely angry in the news that he didn't go to the dmv with the 16 year old to verify ID like kid rock would have done in 2016. To me the 16 year old girl that pete rose was with 40 years ago is the bishop that i let all of you eat so that i can get your rook. DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THE GAME OR CHESS OR NOT?
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