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  1. Exactly. Desperate for friends, anybody who will agree with him.
  2. No, you seriously underestimate what the issue is, you stupid little fuck. I'm definitely not lonely, it won't be a fight.
  3. Are you looking forward to middle school and a chance to fit in with similar wit?
  4. What is your address? Don't worry about the wheelchair. Nobody is coming to see you in a fucking wheelchair.
  5. If you must know, the plan was rook some fucking eejit into betting against them being true, and Joey would have produced them to resolve the bet. Nobody seemed to want to bet. Not even Monkey.
  6. He's a Nancy boy. Check out Peeps. He's the neediest meerkat there.
  7. Excuse the pun, but it has a ring to it.
  8. Yeah, my opinion as well. Try as they might, the amadauns here are rank amateurs to him as far as stupidity goes.
  9. What's your point? This thread is about stupid, not suitability as a Republican presidential candidate.
  10. You're easily astounded. How long does an astoundment last? A few minutes, or is it a permanent scar?
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