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  1. No, that's not the result. It would be political suicide to ban MLB games. Do you seriously think MLB gives a fuck about Ron Desantis, or that goof in Texas? Boycotts? What boycotts? You seem to think that these goofy, criminal corksackers are important people. They're dirt.
  2. I've been run out of Dodge. Not long after being run out of Paris, Texas after that incident there.
  3. Yeah, I just told you about one. Pay fucking attention, old man. 90 minutes after the shot, what I initially thought was a hot Italian sausage drops out of my pantleg while I was waiting for the Sweet Chili chicken kebab at 7-11.
  4. Oh, I was hoping for the Ron Jeremy metamorphosis. If I'm all healed up by then.
  5. Had my first Pfizer shot about two hours ago. My dick fell off about half an hour ago. In emergency now, waiting for the reattach. There's a lot of stuff they're keeping from us. I was the 9th reattachment since Sunday here in Vernon. Nothing in the papers, but it will get out soon. I'll keep you posted. Difficulty breathing, or not being able to hit the toilet without sitting down? Tough choice.
  6. Why? Explain that process, right up to the part where an abstract idea makes a ringing sound.
  7. "These governors..."? MLB can squash these twats like bugs.
  8. No, they're not. They're dog fuckers.
  9. Why? WTF is the matter with you? You want the stupidest bumholer in Christendom to check in here?
  10. You remain a rambling dickweed. To no purpose. Mike's a contributor. You're just some character with a tablet and a hookup, and a dismal outlook. Typing away.
  11. Strike and Rockets are ok, but you're nowhere as thick as Raise and Sleepy. They have nothing intelligent or common sense to say. So no, not chopped liver. Raise and Sleepy are in the deepest of ditches.
  12. The guy I found left a note to his parents "Pat will clean up the mess.".
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