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  1. The wife and I are coming. I am really laid back in person. Looking to chill by the pool and watch games in the Sportsbooks. Probably be setting up shop at the Wynn
  2. no i wont ever quit. Its all about moderation and self control. I have my priorities in check and gambling only takes place after my bills are paid but i def enjoy it i keep hoping to get hot again and go on another epic streak like last November (Harvard Knows)
  3. Big Bear

    US Open

    who gonna win?
  4. live and let live i am christian but i have no problem with muslims
  5. green tea (matcha tea) is a must
  6. if u want to look young avoid beef and pork also eat an avocado every morning for breakfast and take 2 salmon oil pills per day
  7. Rory's game matches up well with this course should i take a flyer on Rickie Fowler???
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