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    Boycotting TGF

    Over the last two months I’ve tried to reverse the clock. I’ve tried to post meaningful handicapping posts (and had a few more planned especially with NBA going) on the NFL and money management to help the community understand how to get some small advantage vs. the NFL, perhaps the hardest sport on the planet to handicap. Without a good money management scheme you are well and truly screwed, as a winning % will come to nothing if you can’t manage your bankroll efficiently. With those articles I thought I’d get some meaningful feedback, but got little and actually none of use. OK, but at l
  2. You really think pseudo-posting a WestGate pick set is serious handicapping? Really? You are so full of yourself, you don't even see the problem with this do you? I'm not even going to talk about your posting on the chitty side for obvious eyeballs, you See you next Tuesday . For that matter, have you even gone balls out and entered into a Hilton/LVH/Westgate contest, you weak-dicked wanker? And then you throw shit on Fish and his operation. Harv's right. Wasting time on an obvious smoke-blowing troll.
  3. LOL, Kinger actually thinks he works. Steering wheel looks like those in a minivan. Short legs too, nose pressed against the wheel. Gawd, I hate 'Zona.
  4. I don't "wager" with cunts like you. I'll go directly to the source and find out.
  5. I worry a bit about that as well. np, I post shit while scraping weather data and watching NBA games. passes the time I guess.
  6. Harv, I know Donuts from another incarnation. We bust each other's balls all the time. Donuts is not nearly as bad as Dil-doh, maybe too many drugs and dropped soap bars in SF bath houses resulting in an habitual bad attitude.
  7. Jimmy, I hear ya. He's a chitty fast-talking bully. Gotta be opposed or they take over forums.
  8. Have YOU met him dick-wad? I have. ya chitty-fuk-wad See you next Tuesday , quit blowing smoke up everyone's asses!
  9. Harv, I'm not entertaining. Simply pointing out that the fukker is really all hot air. Also, I don't like it when bullies win. They've got to be opposed and shown to be the scared little dick-less cunts that they are.
  10. this cinches it, dil-doh. OK, THE REST OF YOU CUNTS LISTEN UP!!! Dildo Baggins /Sol Diablo / whatever the fuck his next name is, knows fuck all about the sports business. If he really knows this little about someone who openly makes serious money in this business (Fishhead) he is OBVIOUSLY a chitty See you next Tuesday , yapping about fuk-all, and simply stirring shit. carry on dil-doh. TGF needs yappy cunts like you to fill dead air, so you do serve some function.
  11. Sinker is another one of your chittie folk. If you confuse me with him, you are addled. BTW, I thought English Majors could write in longer sentences. I'm a MATH guy and write better than you, See you next Tuesday .
  12. dil-doh, I'm here because of Kinger and Fish. I know they run a straight operation. Met Fish in person, huge respect for how he and his team operates. You cunts could learn a lot listening to him, but I'm sure in your world chitty much more important. So, rest assured, if/when I leave, it won't be because of English-Major chittie-cunts like you. BB will be back.
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