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  1. Your greed is massive and disgusting. Your prerogative. Trump gave more aid to Israel than any previous president. He personally received more from China, Russia and SA that any other president. Obviously Trump thought greed was good. Probably why you voted for him. Like minded.
  2. Thats fair. America first. Fuck Israel. Trump had it half right in this arena. Don't know why Hoffa or any independent voted for him. He gave Israel billions more than any previous president
  3. Does this mean the 100's of billions we give to Israel annually should stop immediately? "HUAD is a tremendous American and a true independent". Dumb Joey
  4. Russia wants to take over sovereign nations. probably the world. Millions of innocent people have lost everything including their lives. And Hoffa is worried about the money America is spending. Must be a far right wing talking point. Usually Hoffa announces he doesn't care or doesn't even know current news.
  5. Dumb Joey, your friend who wants to be known as Rat Fuck, is calling for another war, a civil war, and he is also publicly calling for Trump to unleash more of his mobs on the Capitol again. Dumb Joey I recall after Rat Fuck made his extreme far right wing ideology public, you called him a tremendous American and true independent? Were you joking or just being dumb as usual?
  6. Hoffa you are allowing and enabling Redstripe's anti America propaganda. As a matter of fact I was the only poster that exposed Redstripe's anti America smears. And I'm going to continue exposing Redstripe. He's getting his anti American news from Newspunch and another source known for COVID-19 lies and misinformation. Be safe over the Fourth of July weekend and have a good one. Lots of money to be made in tonight's UFC. I've already done my work and flipped my coins. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Last point. Even Rat fuck, who Dumb Joey has called a tremendous American for calling for a Civil, has turned a blind eye and remained silent regarding Redstripe's smears on America. The fact that I'm the only one to expose Redstripe's anti American views while being blocked by Rat fuck speaks volumes. Gmcarroll33, back at you, stay safe, and wake up to true anti American behavior. Stop being a sheep.
  8. Bump. I seem to be the only true patriot at TGF that has the courage to expose the anti America propaganda being posted by Far right wing propagandist Redstripe. His partners, like Gmcarroll33 and Hofra, have obviously been turning a blind eye and remaining silent. No watch as Redstripe bumps over his anti American propaganda. And every other unpatriotic poster turns a blind eye and remains silent. Newspunch where anti American's go to smear America.
  9. This is so ridiculous. I'm the only true American here that constantly expose the anti America fake stories that Redstripe the propagandist has been posting. I know for a fact many of the top non patriots at TGF, anti Americans like Gmcarroll33, turn a blind eye, remain silent when Redstripe smears America with his lies. I'm not going anywhere. I'll continue to expose those anti Americans that are targeting America with their far right wing propaganda.
  10. Bump. Beware of the anti American, anti covid propagandist. Redstripe post nothing but anti America and covid propaganda and lies. He's been exposed. He'll now try and bump over his previous anti American propaganda. It's a pattern you'll see from the anti American scum.
  11. Bump! Redstripe's anti America propaganda needs to be front and center. Redstripe's news source, NEWSPUNCH and The Post Millennial known for their anti American, anti vax, lies and false stories. I'd guessing an anti American scum like Redstripe has blood on his hands.
  12. Look at the far right wing sheep. Always the first one to post the far right wing propaganda, lies and misinformation. You are #1 sheep. Redstripe #1 Trumptard and propagandist. Secret Service agents known habitual liars and Trumptards. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/politics/january-6-committee-kinzinger-secret-service-agent-who-may-dispute-hutchinson-claim-likes-lie.amp https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-tony-ornato-jan-6-b2113434.html
  13. Redstripe the propagandist at it again posting more lies straight from a far right wing news source known for publishing false covid information. Redstripe links us to lies about Antifa to fit his false narrative. Scum of the earth. The Post Millennial better than Newspunch but only slightly. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Post_Millennial
  14. Who is this Republicon Snowflake. He conveniently left out the new Republicon policy. Government mandatory birth of your rapist baby or go to jail.
  15. Forgive Redstripe the anti American propagandist. Someone tilted him. Redstripe's source for news: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NewsPunch
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