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    Kanye. Elon. Trump. ?
  2. "Greatest president ever". Antisemitic Gmcarroll33
  3. Aileen Cannon, a Trump judge gets smacked down. These Trump judges are as corrupt as they get. Charges coming soon. Sometime after the runoff.
  4. "No! It's the principle. If I kill old, unhealthy people so be it. My freedom is more important. Dumb Joey
  5. "But at the nursing home he shouldn't have to. We're talking about freedom. And in America freedom is supposed to Trump all. Sleepy fighting for his freedom is a great example of an American hero". Dumb WVU
  6. You're one naive dumb mother fucker. Picture Dumb WVU with his Dumb buddy Sleepy fighting for their rights at an old folks home. The behavior of American hero's. "Fuk America". Sleepy "Kari Lake is presidential material". Dumb WVU
  7. Remember all the disinformation Sleepy posted about the covid vaccine. Sleepy is a full blown sicko, a cancer in America. Please move to another country. Make America better. "Memphis High School football player dies from the covid vaccine". Sleepy
  8. Can you imagine arguing because you're asked to wear a mask. Sleepy is a full blown cultist. Or a fuken idiot.
  9. "I want to stay in power against the will of the people". Republicon Party When does Herschel Walker get arrested for voter fraud. It's very clear he's a Texas resident. How does he get away voting in Georgia. Brian Kemp may not be the Vigilante voter suppressor every one claims he is.
  10. I believe the thread was made political 8:00 am yesterday. But of course your ignorance and politics leads you to unfairly attack me. Par for the course at Double Standard Hoffa's Place. The ignorance of the right wing is massive.
  11. "I want to stay in power against the will of the people". Republicon Party
  12. There's the Houston Astros in baseball horse trainers like Baffert, Brown, Navarro and the Republicons in politics. Cheating to win has been normalized for many. Screw ethics, rules and law. "The election was stolen". When a dem wins.
  13. The US Supreme Court has been corrupted by the influence of right wing billionaires. https://www.whitehouse.senate.gov/news/release/sen-whitehouse-and-rep-johnson-respond-to-scotus-letter-regarding-outside-influence-scandal
  14. Donald Trump is the only president to lose jobs under his watch. Donald Trump is the only president that incited a deadly attack on a Synagogue and 11 Americans were killed. Donald Trump was the only president who took foreign and domestic emouments outside of his salary. Donald Trump the only president that inspired an insurrection on the US Capitol. Donald Trump the only president that inspired a deadly attack on a southern border Walmart and 20 were killed. Worst president ever and it's not even close.
  15. Is Herschel Walker going to be the next black person arrested for election fraud and marched in front of cameras as the Republicon Governor brags about the arrest?
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