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  1. Alex Jones is on the Ron Deathsantis bandwagon. Say he's much better than Benedict Donald.
  2. Heads up, Ron Johnson another Republicon that's gonna lose. That's at least 4 senate seats that get flipped. Thank you Benedict Donald and Scotus.
  3. Ron Deathsantis a Fascit big government leader.
  4. Fascist Ron Deathsantis getting sued. When you traffic in fascist behavior you most likely are breaking laws. Unless the fix is in he's going to lose. WVU loves the fascist racist homophobic Republicon.
  5. Republicon leader Kevin McCarthy who's aligned with special interest, against the people, had an argument to block the democrats IRA bill says ask yourself if you're better off than you were 2 years ago. Democrats have ruined this country. Wow, Republicon liars. America is way, way better off than 2 years ago. Republicons very stupid and only care about party over country. It's a resounding yes. America has become better in the 2 years since Benedict Donald. How soon everyone forgets how bad things were 2 years ago. Dems have delivered in a big way!
  6. Sen. Rand Paul Aims To Repeal Espionage Act To Save Trump
  7. Former GOP rep finds it 'so funny' watching his former colleagues 'twist into pretzels' trying to defend Trump
  8. Bolton: Trump explanations on classified documents show ‘real level of desperation’
  9. Demings up by 4 points in challenge to Rubio: poll after Rubio said no to a military veterans bill, no to capping insulin cost and healthcare costs of Medicare patients I thought he'd in trouble. After voting no to the military veterans bill he was seen celebrating on the floor of the senate with Ted Cruz and other RepubliCons.
  10. Let's make a list of all the disinformation Trump and his minions have been putting out. They already have so much blood on their hands. I'll start with an easy one. 1. The FBI planted evidence.
  11. Gmcarroll33, who's lying Trump lol, Trump's attorney, Merrick Garland, or FBI? "Trump gaining momentum for 2024". Gmcarroll33
  12. "Trump didn't do anything wrong. Obama hide way more documents. And what about Hillary". Gmcarroll33
  13. "I don't think Trump did anything wrong. And if he did it's Chad Brown's fault". Rdalert447
  14. "I don't think Trump did anything wrong. But if I'm wrong I think he should be above the law". Gmcarroll33 Bigrunner asks, what was Benedict Donald planning on doing with the hidden secret materials?
  15. Fuk, a Trump ally in Cincinnati attacks FBI, flees, shot and killed. "Fuk the FBI". Trumptard as dead as Ashli Babbitt
  16. Russia, Belarus military bases rocked by fire, explosions days after Crimea air base sees destructive blasts Military bases in Russia and Belarus were rocked by an outbreak in fires and explosions Thursday, just days after a Russian airbase in Crimea saw explosions that wiped out nine warplanes. An adviser to Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, took to Twitter to say that at least eight explosions took place near the airbase which is "used by Russian aviation in the war against Ukraine."
  17. I stand corrected. Good catch. Nixon, followed by Reagan were the 2 most criminal and corrupt presidents prior to Benedict Donald.
  18. The GOP was the party of law and order until the Trump cult took over. Now they're the party of Espionage and obstruction of justice. Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached. What a disgrace the Trump administration was. 4,500 Tips About Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Were Punted to Trump White House, FBI Director Admits Christopher Wray confirmed Thursday that the FBI sent thousands of tips to Trump's team, who then decided whom the FBI could interview in their probe.
  19. Probably Chad Brown's fault. "Gotta blame someone". Rdalert447
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