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  1. So accurate it must be repeated ZZ and Brock discuss covid
  2. You mean like how your MSM gods hyped up covid deaths? It is tough walking around as a LIB , you keep having to stumble over your own nonsense
  3. Midget turd thinks he is special because he took a shot of poison.....like he is some VIP member at the Flying J who got a 10 percent discount on the day old weenies.
  4. This one is just a slap in the face to the fools https://www.theepochtimes.com/5800-fully-vaccinated-americans-have-contracted-covid-19-74-dead-cdc_3777637.html/amp 5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 74 Dead: CDC
  5. Obviously you are not the MAYBE 1or2 that post was meant for....stick to covid charts.pal cuz they dont get any more obvious than that one.
  6. About these comms, they happen all the time and honestly the Trump one with the grandson takes knowing many factors to understand and I can see why blind people would dismiss it as foolishness. I wanted to show you this one because of its simplicity....literally a novice could see the connections in this one...also It is not anything earth shattering ,it is just a simple "things look good " message. So this past Sunday Pompeo makes this tweet at 106 CST which is 206 EST . This tweet serves 2 purposes, one is a message to "regular" followers and one is a message to his Q associated f
  7. RaiseThese


    This picture is hilarious....Pedotus stares at his thumb and Putin cracking up
  8. How did I miss this one as the script was flipped...these Maskers couldnt just come into the store and make a purchase...they had to bitch about the people not wearing their masks.....see what happens to them
  9. Real men from the old days used to piss right at the bar https://content.kegworks.com/blog/a-lesson-in-tavern-history-the-fresh-flow-trough-spittoon
  10. This one is hilarious and I would not be surprised if they take it down.....the trailer for the game is spooky on point. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1141550/CUCKOLD_SIMULATOR_Life_as_a_Beta_Male_Cuck/
  11. Three of the finest Patriots all together...WWG1WGA
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