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  1. No sir, unlike yourself I do not lie.... Just like I never said anything about people being scared to post their opinions. This is YOUR spin. I just go by the forum thread view numbers. Obviously many more people that you, Mikey and Joey read this thread. And Im glad that you are at least exposing yourself to the truth even if you still deny it.....one day you will feel differently and will at least remember that Raise mentioned it to you first.
  2. Nope , right on time to the party. You may have given up but the Q TRUTH movement grows daily and is worldwide. Is the bible not relevant because it was written so long ago? It is not even quite a year since Q made his last post, and much of the info was meant to be placeholders for future events.
  3. Not really lil feller. Most people read without commenting. Pretty much You, Joey and MikeyDoom comment and I really cant take criticism from Sheep too seriously. I get that you guys are ignorant to the information I discuss, that is why I dont have hard feelings. I only can pray for you and hope that one day your eyes will open up to the truth.
  4. Bannon is AntiQ for the records and calls is a psyop. Corsi was outed by Q. As for Flynn , Im not sure that he is a freemason, if you have evidence of that then post. As for it being a psyop Think logically. The DS were well into their 16 year plan. Obama had his eight and Hill was about to get hers. Why bother spilling all the DS evils and crimes? Why post cryptic messages encouraging people to research and connect dots? But the kicker for ME, no matter what answers I could come up with to ANY other question..... If the Q was/is a psyop by the DS why even
  5. Ill be sure to say a prayer for you tomorrow. Your anger and despair is palpable. Look I want to say I love you and thank you for your service.
  6. Yes , you dont have to explain why you are are indeed a sheep....keep following your false MSM gods and you will never find the truth.... Ill still be here for you when you are ready for the TRUTH though. I dont hold grudges pal. I was a MSM sheep myself in the past so I know what you are going through.
  7. You know what you want to do , you practically screaming for permission pal.
  8. You sure love to spin dwarf, Strawman arguements are your forte. If searching for and sharing TRUTH is stupid in your fairy tale, MSM sheep book, then it beats being "smart" Truth is You WISHED I were dumb , but knowing that Im not scares you. Keep reading and keep learning, I know you secretly admire my fortitude Tiny Tim.
  9. Okay lil feller...you projecting hard....Raise is just a guy posting TRUTH on the internet....its the insecure folks like you that have to talk about how rich and accomplished they are..... If you are so successful why the constant need to belittle other people?
  10. Nah, not retaliating, just telling you my perception of you and your cat from what you have posted about him over the years.
  11. Nutcases like the Government and Media that you believe? excpet for vaxes and covid that is. Dont act like lm one who cant balance shit when YOU and the others wont even bother to look at the other side with an open mind.....especially KNOWING how much they are trying to fool and control you. You arguing with me is STUPID, Im not going to stop believeing things that I have found the TRUTH to. I told you stop reading and responding if my words are causing you this much discomfort. You keep listening to your MSM gods TELL you what to think though.
  12. Dude you know you wanna kill him and are just looking for us to tell you that its ok.
  13. Nah, I think you are lying just a little too much, get your facts straight is all I ask. Apollo Moon Landing fake, 911 inside job, no plane crashed in Pentagon.. I barely scratched the surface on TGF Multiple Hillaries , yes and NOT even a question. Like I said if you dont believe or are AT LEAST not curious enough to research for yourself then why bother? Keep reading though and One day you will realize , even if you dont appreciate, how much TRUTH I tried to share with you all about the world.
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