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  1. Seen one Brock trip , you seen them all....I think he is just recycling videos... Also LOL at BLMJoey , he is mad cuz Brock insulted his peeps But he can get away with the never gets old Baldy jokes while laughing at and shitting on Double Standard Hoffler who lets 90 percent of them stay despite constant warnings to the contrary.
  2. Guess there was not a market to participate in pseudo-intellectual drivel with Mach last night. Monkey and HinesFraud were too busy fighting each other to participate,
  3. He wishes Commie......but he is still smarter than you 95 percent of the time, you got him in making coffee ......he only beats runny about 85 percent so you got that working against you as well pencil pusher.
  4. Bunch of conspiracy theorists......just a coincidence
  5. You are too much pal ,thanks for the belly laughs
  6. Hoffler's wife is fat? Never heard about this one
  7. This commie traitior been saying the same stupid shit over and over, despite all the radical BS they been pushing since the start of his residency. How much do you get paid to post commie bullshit on various message boards? That last gig didnt quite work out the way you expected did it? Not kidding, if some illegal cuts your throat and leaves you bleeding out in the middle of the street it will be a blessing for America. Your Tombstone will read "Greatest Coffe maker and Pencil Pusher" the services have ever seen., hell ,Ill even chip in for it. You continue to fool the suckers and wannabe libs but the rest of us see right through you.
  8. Still shaking my head, what a bummer and a waste of that once in a lifetime comeback...Thanks for the shot Molday Not quite understanding your new offer though.....
  9. ok, just keep checking on regualr basis.....dont lose the 3
  10. So is it filled or are you still waiting on Buffalo?
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