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  1. Interesting tidbit 7/16 is also when the new 988 number kicks in
  2. Not sure why this was necessary in an INdependence day thread really. Why you wanna mess up a Patriotic thread?
  3. LOL, ok everyone else can make stupid jokes
  4. Isreael Adesayna want to know where is the list https://www.bitchute.com/video/iJzhex61d2c9/
  5. Correct...sometimes I wonder why I still even bother , today is one of those days.
  6. Okay sport Fire up the ovens then!!!! Lets bake a cake
  7. Does that include the Jews doing the supportin' ?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZJmvNR3oQ8&t=189s
  9. Went to Publix yesterday and came away with a score. Basically this bacon in the 16oz size They were on sale 2 packs for $5 used multiple $3 off per 3 items coupon from smithfield and now have 18 packs in the freezer.... paid about $1.50 ea
  10. Dude is infactuated with banning......kinda like a LIB and how they like to censor.
  11. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/akron-ohio-prepares-riots-police-reportedly-shot-fleeing-black-man-60-times-4th-july-festival-canceled/
  12. I think many here are AUTO thinking DeSantis would be a good Prez just because he is doing what appears to be a good job in FL He is mostly doing and saying all the right things..... Dont get too comfortable with the guy......Im not going to do anti-Desantis at this time because its tough not to give him the benefit of the doubt...but do your research and their is reason for concern.
  13. Its just his way....you would think that finally that loser would be happy to find someone to "love"....mail order or not.... But dude is pretty much the same pathetic, schizo fuck he has always been. At least you finaly woke up to his game instead of continuing to get taken advantage of.
  14. Lets see how long that lasts....Is this like one of your "threats" to leave the board for good if Hoffa doesnt act upon your demands only to return after an hour or 2 hahahaha...biggest fraud on the RX and that is saying quite a bit.
  15. Have any of these vids topped a few hundred BOT views? I actually tried to listen to the first one and give you the benefit of the doubt....it was laughable , could not make it through
  16. MeThinks YOU are the obsessed one...... Hurry is the Destroyer of Lives, only a matter of time. Be thankful that I only consider you a pimple on my ass........
  17. Not too long ago Hurry was thinking this about Hoffa when he would not immediately comply with his demands. I wake up after my after lunch nap Just to see Hoffa, who I have supported staunchily since he took over this forum, didnt give 2 fuckks Well yea, hard to smile when people use Brock bashing to justify your lady being called all kinds of whoreshit by a NOBODY, NOBODY LIKES Comparing that, to Joey mentioning Alberta Oil to Brock, IS JUST FUCKIN RIDICULOUS Hoffa losing all my respect in a day basically if u dont even know what was said, even tho I quoted it here why are u so invested? family insults should be deleted, AND REPEATING OFFENDERS BE PUT ON TIMEOUT thats how u command a ship with authority not this wishy washy bullshit fuckin weak
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