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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Brock-Landers-Picks-455935287781014/
  2. perhaps a dinner and a movie here. currently in chat with spankie and the boys and about to fill out a draftkings lineup for nba. 60 degrees here. Crazy weather. What about you.
  3. league had six guys on a bye in starting lineup, thats called a cheat league
  4. crazy weather here, one min its 60, next its 25. Rainy. Going to a church gathering and then out to eat or a movie after. Currently in chat with spankie and the boys and putting in a fanduel nba lineup what about you?
  5. not sure here yet. Some snow on the ground. But a possible movie or dinner somewhere. What about you.
  6. u know pokerstars home games still exist. can start a league on there. play for prizes and software is a lil better than other platforms
  7. alot of stores are wiped out, whats the best deals today at the stores, not Merry Christmas from the warrior
  8. didnt have time to check, got engaged last night at opryland hotel
  9. or want to meet up at the opryland hotel or to shop around or eat
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