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  1. I guess the cat has durito's tongue. Let me explain to you boys how bets work. durito and I entered into an agreement. That agreements requires that we BOTH meet a certain expectation which we have between ourselves and nobody else. I owe something to durito and he owes something to me. At this time, he is not meeting my expectation, therefore, the bet is DQ at this time.
  2. The Rev is not likely to provide a bailout here. He ain't Trump. He would have banned me when the deal was made if he was going to.
  3. tjd bets involve implied expectations. I know you do not know what that means so I will not explain.
  4. I like that Monkey worries about durito's bad bluff but does not care at all that he got stiffed $10,000.
  5. Monkey, lets see how sharp you are. Do you think durito is more upset that I am posting on a site he does not post at or the $10,000 he got stiffed on?
  6. I tell you what Monkey. I gave durito a real good deal because I was not planning on posting here. I will take $1,000 from you.
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