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  1. Bitching about 50$ cuz some shit doesn't go your way? DAMN U ARE ONE LITTLE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Seattle going to own that division this year.
  3. Gonna put a lil hair on this rice cakes chest.
  4. Also as mentioned earlier Jays is a 1 unit play.
  5. First one Jays. As posted earlier I got -122, line moved up ten cents already.
  6. Outside of Raiders and Brown's that is a horrendous schedule.
  7. You just set Asians back 2 centuries with that Math equation. My lord inexcusable for you.
  8. Serious deem, let me kown if u want to fade me on the reg. I can make a thread for it. I encourage it. Will give me great pride to bury you.
  9. Dude the Bears are feces but they aren't in the bottom 25.
  10. So funny how your Homosexual human being ass jumps and pounces anytime anyone says anything about Cleveland my lord is the biggest little bitch routine I have ever witnessed, no pun intended. Like if Cleveland sports wins longterm you suddenly arent going to look high 24/7?
  11. Awful lot of stones here. I couldn't fade Bum for that kind of dough until about years from now.
  12. And love the Jays?? I have one single unit on them you dumb fukk? U wanna fade me chinky on the reg? Please say yes fukk head I will bury u. Guys over here thinking he's SAM Rothstien cuz he's cashing with Indians and Cavs.
  13. My dick will always be bigger than yours deem. Always you stinky fukkin chink!!!
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