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  1. At Betmania TGF banner booked the player. This game is started in this June. All players are welcome in this.
  2. I have found something that getting around Saskatchewan. I paying new high label job.
  3. I agree with Mr. Dingo. I called all his CR buddies to gang bully me out of jobs. In health pritection please avoid this heroine,cokes. I think never been a hypocrite moderate yourself.
  4. That was a neck to neck fight between Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors. Oklahoma City Thunder beat Golden State Warriors, they score 108-102 respectively.
  5. I watch yesterday MLB match between New York and Arizona Diamondbacks. I am a fan of Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Club. I am happy to see that my club won that match.
  6. #1 Golden State #2 Charlotte Hornets #3 Rockets #4 Miami
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