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  1. WVU I'm about to sell, would love your thoughts on initial pricing strategy.
  2. Agree, likely explains the line movement, at least in part. My pph was slow to move and still had -200/+165 so had to pull trigger on team Phil. Don't feel good about it at all though.
  3. That's crazy I would've taken the + money if I knew that, basically comes down to the last couple holes anyway. Oh well at least I'm fading Hank
  4. Wait so the book is going to grade winner based on $ won? What is the point of the skins then?
  5. Best face Least fake looking ass Who cares about tits? Grow up
  6. Joey check in on night game Dallas -1 @ Portland
  7. Danshan I'm still getting the same Error on your site when using Chrome I tried to refresh, cleared cookies and cache and refreshed, still same.
  8. Schools closed, no dine-in at restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters, etc etc etc Same as most everyone is dealing with. I've been working from home for over a month now.
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