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  1. My neighbor complimented me last night on my weed and my musical taste. I was standing on the patio inhaling a little Fruity Pebbles vape and had the screen door open so I could hear the YouTube emanating from the television. Fast-forward to tonight and we are chilling with a rolled up mojito sativa and jamming to some Pale Waves. Earlier the karaoke competition ended prematurely when the packed house of two sat slackjawed at Amanda's version of Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees. Then we calm rolled another doobie and correspondingly listened to beabadoobee. I sure hope she fucks like a revo
  2. Do we have to dance even if we don't want to dance? Is there some kind of rule that says in Danceland everyone always has to dance? When I first got here I was so excited. The thought of being able to dance whenever and wherever I wanted to seemed like a dream come true. It was certainly better than the previous place where people would break into laughter, point their fingers, and give me looks when I would spontaneously break out into a dance routine. What they didn't realize is that I was born with the ability, some would say curse, to break out into dance whenever the urge came to me.
  3. The three that come to mind are: 1) SBR/Bet Islands fiasco. 2) The Shrink and wife killing themselves and the ensuing fallout. 3) Journeyman getting fired by Ric following by "YOU CAN'T SILENCE ME OVER HERE RIC ALLEC!"
  4. Yup, a few years later Joey Porter and a few of his thugs jumped him at a table. Real piece of shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwgniB0e_VE If Levi Jones walked up to 100 people, probably 100 of them would have no idea who he was.
  5. I'm going to go with G.I. Joe's $25,000 blackjack hand. Going back about 15 years, another site decided to give away 50k in free blackjack bets culminating in the last big hand. All the big forum heavy hitters were there and 10 lucky posters got to play free hands ranging from $500 up to $25,000. As the hands were played and the excitement grew a Las Vegas casino came to a complete stop as everybody, even those not involved, started wandering over to see what the buzz was about. The crowd was about 15 deep and a fake Elvis impersonator kicked it off with a terrible rendition of "Viva La
  6. Nice eyes. Looks like Billy Eilish. She's looking for a sugar daddy. Stay away.
  7. I am in the pit at a Strip casino in either 2002 or 2003. Big guy comes up to the Pai Gow table and I ask to check his ID. Nice kid and chatted with him awhile. He was a top 10 NFL draft pick. He was a former walk-on in college. Not one person recognized him. NFL QB comes in and he gets mobbed. A few years later he was involved in an incident in another Vegas casino. Any guesses who it was?
  8. I can think of one clear-cut winner in my mind. Not looking for an infamous moment.
  9. Three things come to mind for me immediately. Your thoughts.
  10. Was supposed to go on a cruise next month. Obviously cancelled it a while ago. Farmer Boys is average at best. Some Greek guy owns the chain. There's one in North Town too. OJ lives in Red Rock Country Club. He's at the wine bar in Downtown Summerlin a lot.
  11. Ken should have lost his first game he played. He answered Jones in final jeopardy when the answer was Marion Jones. They said there weren't other female track athletes named Jones so they gave it to him. Problem was that Esther Jones was a sprinter in the 1992 games, medaled in the relay and Lolo Jones was an up and coming track star at the time in college as an 11-time All-American. Don't know if they had Wikipedia back then, but a simple search would have probably ruled him wrong and completely changed Jeopardy history.
  12. Lotte Giants should be much improved this year. They were the Baltimore Orioles of the Korean League last year. They signed two former MLB pitchers in Straily and Sampson. Should get a pretty good plus price on them daily. No American that pitched in the Korean League last year had a losing record.
  13. Guy was a legit eco-terrorist. Wonder if he is behind bars?
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