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  1. What's the difference between Canada and Minnesota? In Canada moosehead is a beer, in Minnesota it's a misdemeanor.
  2. I get the coon is fixed, less interesting movie Steve milkshake. In against both parties.
  3. Do you ever look up on the mirror realize to you look like a thumb, not just a thumb but a beaten reddened weathered thumb, and cry? I do.
  4. That would make it more significant mathematically, or simply shift the parabola to make the significant insignificant and the more significant significant.
  5. At this point every number has significance therefore all numbers have significance. Did nice everything has a number, everything is significant. I see.
  6. Fucking kill yourself Edit: nevermind disregard
  7. One of us is shItting our pants tonight "ceaser". Ok, maybe two. Over/under 1 ov -145
  8. Box of rocks -2.5 words/-160 fistfuck. Spelling bee.
  9. Saw a guy get killed by a party bus in downtown Vegas. Read this thread, felt much better about myself Wondered why wvu has esteem issues. Drank some beer and threatened a guy at the bar because he didn't realize I was the alpha alcoholic. Had Chile Verde. Shit. Listened to Elvis. And masturbated while yelling Eugene Morgan was right
  10. IIRC, Rainbow had a pretty bad addiction. Odds are against him still being around based on that. May he have found the peace he sought.
  11. That is their net worth based on the stock price. But yeah, besides the point.
  12. So going strictly by the data, the mask mandates actually significantly increase covid cases and hospitalizations and deaths. Interesting.
  13. At Caesars in Vegas, or ceasers if you are an illiterate pants shitter, rumor has it
  14. Lots of parlor tricks with the labeling. Most likely the best option is to get from a licensed dispensary. There are two shops on Fremont Street in Vegas now that have pot leafs displayed everywhere and they like to pretend they actually sell THC, but they are just fake weed stores that sell stuff with other cannabinoids like CBD. People fall for it especially hayseeds like Housepicks. Why they are allowed to operate I don't get.
  15. Fuck you. Can't wait to meet you in Hell. I have something special planned for you. VEGASSTRONG
  16. Time flies. Freshman at Texas a and m this year. 4 stars. Only played in mop up duty so far.
  17. epic spelling of broccoli. Stay in school kids and don't do drugs. Or else you'll shit your pants like GrampaFistFuck.
  18. ill drive all night through my home town you can drive that knife through my chest now
  19. my hand smells like peaches her husband doesnt know he plays in a band cant remember the name something like space parade. straight out of raleigh/ why is that on spell check its a city.
  20. it is said to see king revolver is now a drug addict. almost as sad as his previous reality.
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