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  1. Good tip but don't you need a "donor advised fund" or someting of the like to do that? Also, most of my ST trades are shit cos/penny stocks where I'm riding the wave and then get paper hands and sell. I haven't been selling my AAPL, MSFT or AMZN that I hold LT.
  2. True. Not complaining about making money. Paying though is going to be rough since quite a bit was ST due to day trading. My tax guy Mr. Cohen is going to earn his overpriced fees preparing my returns this year.
  3. Roach23

    It’s Lent

    I heard Teddy gave up paying his bets for Lent
  4. Fidelity just posted 1099s for last year. The f'in govt is getting a nice capital gains tax check from Roach.
  5. For you guys talking energy in the other thread I just dumped some money in PALAF at .29 as an uranium play
  6. As someone who hires (or oversees the folks who report to me hiring) multiple people a year I can say a fancy resume isn't needed. For me: 1) clarity - needs to be easy to the read and not too busy 2) relevant experience - if you don't have experience for what I'm hiring for you go in the rejected pile Most hiring managers don't have time to fully real all resumes. I skim and if your shit is sloppy or you of I can't quickly see you have the experience I'm looking for I'm moving on to the next one.
  7. Thank you for your service, HW86
  8. If i remember my SBTB correctly, Screech would be the best to tail
  9. Golf stocks plummeting AH
  10. Broker crushing. Great job man!
  11. Golfclub stock hit all-time high today
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