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  1. Looks like you are talking to nobody tonight pal. Struck out with your wife and everyone else in real life. Now the forums too, tough break prick
  2. I know par value is, and that this a winning play. I know every time you’ve shorted tesla, you’ve lost. And I’ll post a screenshot whenever the fuck I want.
  3. Shares are worth 20x what they were at issue. Share buyback happens all time.
  4. KK is the biggest silver spoon here.
  5. Reflective Class 2 real nice
  6. How do you feel about sucking my dick?
  7. I hear some chatter about a coming gamma squeeze
  8. Does AMC have one more run?
  9. Can sell but can’t cash out. That’s no good. Can they be sold anywhere else rather than in app?
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