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  1. HP family say...poison nose not allow.
  2. She dances well for a big girl. They clod together and make song.
  3. Those are what HP wears on her knockers when she goes into the jungle to visit relatives
  4. KR probably doesn’t even know how to make salsa. He’s a fake mexican.
  5. When you’ve lost 2k about 200x it ain’t crumbs anymore. I repose the same question above.
  6. You think a guy that’s grows a drunk nose cares what forum people think of him?
  7. Ted she looks like she should be carrying 2 buckets of water balanced by a stick on top of her head.
  8. People can look at your face and know you’ve abused alcohol for your whole life. People who don’t even know you, know you’re a drunk. That’s why you are married to a women who looks like she came out of a jungle.
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