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  1. Did you get the ouchy from Fauci?
  2. Put the soup outside. Let the fat coagulate on the top, take it off and cook it again.
  3. Yeah I spent a little more time looking into this. Killer deal for TN
  4. 2 different salsas. Really nailed this fucker
  5. Soup cooking and salsa done. Gonna make a pork dish now.
  6. You lose money in 75% of the threads you start. Poster X went like 13-2 last week so you can shut the fuck you pussy ass mamas boy. Go to church you sloth.
  7. Seems like a pretty good guy to me. Goes to work. Has a nice mower and snowblower. Uses them himself. Cooks, plants shrubs, likes to get fucked up. Gambles, smokes meat. What else you guys looking for him to do?
  8. Man you seem have gotten a great deal. I’m looking at like 8.50lb
  9. 20 rounds today. This thing is the best.
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