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  1. Good luck on your wagers men. House is going to rock out.
  2. I have a niece cheering for ND and I coached one of their starters in baseball many years ago.
  3. Struggled a bit when I went back to charcoal after 10-12 years of propane. now I’m at my highest level ever.
  4. Probably false but I saw that he got $20 million for that ad and Burrow turned them down.
  5. Turkey and grill setup are admittedly sloppy. Didn’t know I was doing this today.
  6. Got some great color hot and fast. Now i got them all piled up. Lid on, indirect.
  7. Got some salsa going. Getting the grill going. Thats what Sunday’s in September are all about.
  8. Takes a wise man to recognize the quality of this dish.
  9. Went outside this morning and it felt like Turkey clubs. Checked the sales ad and it was so.
  10. Strong pace, well done arch
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