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  1. If it’s not ham off the bone it ain’t for me. That’s a $5 dennys breakfast right there.
  2. Axl has money for everything he wants and nothing that he needs. White nagger.
  3. I wouldnt expect a 50 year old man to live in one.
  4. You can’t slip poverty past a guy with 25 years of construction experience.
  5. Most apartments are heated by shared boilers and water heaters. The plus is you don’t have to have individual gas meters for each unit, and you have less equipment to buy. That’s why we are looking at an electric stove.
  6. Meatloaf, mashed potato’s and homemade biscuits for dinner but I grilled up some sausage, peppers and made some salsa for a couple of days of a low carb lunch.
  7. One thing I have to say, sleepy looks damn good for his age. No A person who’s sexuality I admire .
  8. I think you should go for the 5:00 shadow look
  9. Brock should have never married or had a kid. Guy is too selfish to do either the right way.
  10. Erin Andrews wouldn’t be the best looking chick at the local gym. Manica Patrick wouldn’t be the best looking guy is all I’m saying.
  11. Chain chain chain chain of fools
  12. You really think that without the aid of a stylist, hair person and makeup girl all focused on her that she looks any better than anyone else?
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