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  1. I always get a kick out of these people drinking diet soda.
  2. Says the h0mo that eats alone every meal.
  3. I mean, this fucking retard thinks he's the smartest person in the room. LMAO.
  4. Who said Putin would other than you, dumbfuck? Why would Putin want to attack a bunch of queer-loving leftists like you? You people don't add anything of value to a society.
  5. Umm. Russia didn't attack a NATO country, dumbfuck.
  6. Not tours! Of the Capitol building!?!?! Oh my! LMAO. What a dumb fucking load of pig shit you are.
  7. You are what happens when two piles of dog shit procreate.
  8. Nobody gives a fuck. Welcome to war, dipshit.
  9. Abbott gets shut down because of overreach from Biden's FDA. What's the solution to libtards? More government! LMAO. What a fucking retard.
  10. Exactly. NATO disbands tomorrow without our tax dollars.
  11. Gotta love it when the gun-fearful libtards root for war. About the dumbest shit you'll ever see.
  12. Leading us where? Right into the gutter, you dumb fuck.
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