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  1. So you think Anderson for a Thomas is a good deal ? Lol
  2. Stacked at receiver , Jordy Nelson Michael Thomas Amari Cooper (hopefully picks it up) Demarius Thomas Marquis Lee (good WR3 see him getting targeted more)
  3. Looking for elite running back for Michael Thomas maybe even Jordy Nelson
  4. Hell yeah CJ gonna start sharing more snaps with Charles
  5. Kinger trade me Dalvin Cook I'll give you Michael Thomas ?
  6. Someone here said look at the compubox numbers so is stated them, and they back up what I saw , boxing fights are also graded defensively and it's obvious Canelo had a great defensive plan against golovkin , Canelo had more power shots and through a whole of lot less than ggg, I'll take a solid punch over a halfass jab to the glove any day.
  7. What significant punch did triple g land ? Just one if that ? It doesn't matter if triple g walked through them or not Canelo was hitting triple g with hooks to the body and to the top while triple g was throwing nothing but jabs , jabs that were mostly partially blocked. Canelo ducked and weaved and made triple g miss , and he missed a lot and that's part of boxing as well you see the rounds unfolding and you see triple g winning a round because he landed 15 jabs and I could see Canelo winning because I saw triple g missing a lot of punches while it was Canelo that was landing the more clean
  8. I had Canelo winning round 5 and 6 triple g was landing nothing on the ropes most of his shots were parried, by compubox numbers Canelo landed at a 32.6 percent in round 5 and 6 going 14/43 and 15/46 while golovkin was hitting at a 25 percent going 18/74 and 16/63. Golovkin only landed 4 more punches in round 5 and threw 31 more punches and 1 more punch in round six but threw 17 more punches. You guys are saying look at comoubox numbers than look at them it is clear to see that golovkin was outbox yeah he landed more jabs which are worthless punches golovkin missed a lot of punches and by comp
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