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  1. I understand your position but he assumed the role of collector as per you, at least e-skirt wise he then lied to try to get me up there only to have me waste my time and money, then lied about me and family events. He answers for that in person. I know if he cares about you at all he will care about you being happy and will get it done. I mean Jesus Christ, I'm not Mike Tyson in his prime. It's not that tough but yes all this nonsense derives from his games, then having soon to be convicted with no more abused cats waste of life covering his own blob scamming ass too ugly and stupid
  2. POF is good and so is Match if you want to settle down. You need someone who truly has your back and is loyal, I don't see either of those qualities in him and his appearance is way off from where you are. your friends stand up for you a lot more than and are a lot cooler than your boyfriend. A real man would have taken care of this for you in person instead of talking random garbage, playing games and hiding behind posters. But yeah, it still has to be him and I will tell him face to face all of the reasons why I advised you to move on from him. You deserve to be happy, he will ne
  3. Redundant as fok but ok IAG. I do respect you and you know that but I'm getting sick of repeating myself over and over again. We both have other things to do. USPS could take the cash, it's happened to me. I'm not rolled to double pay you until this legal sh*t is behind me. Send Kinger if you want, I respect him and think that'd be a real waste of his time in a city where I know a lot of cool, very well to do people all of whom would have my back no matter what as I've had theirs, and am pretty tough myself, though I don't think it'd come to that at all. It has to be FW and like I said
  4. Lmao safety deposit box. I need more iced tea, sorry.
  5. Please keep in mind that the green is in a social security box in a bank with a key and I'd need to know a few days or so in advance if it's FW, so as to access it during their business hours.
  6. Only if it's FW as I have stated but a beer with Kinger if he's buying is fine. I actually might not lose my license and have plans to come to FW pretty soon if that's the case, some things have to to work out but yes sooner or later I will come to him so we'll just do that. FW and I have things to talk about - man to man, face to face. I will advise.
  7. Spankie I guess a number of things I have done in the past few months make me not all there. Trying to dress up as a bum and playing rock on the corner where all the bums chill was definitely not all there. They threatened to kill me if I didn't leave. I kept going because if a dude tells me what to do I won't listen unless it's actual authority. If a beautiful woman tells me what to do I immediately listen because I don't want to see her not smile. That is sick, I know. The frat dudes told me the bums wouldn't buy my act. I didn't listen, they were right. Playing the college town definitely w
  8. Spankie if I was all there I would not have played that song like that that you listened to (you know, the one with the hasta la vista outro) about that hippie chick but more so I would not have bought her beers all night after she told me she had a boyfriend. On my behalf I do want to say that I was pot committed as she only told me after we were already out for beers after work. I really liked her, but when you're driving like a maniac in an untagged car because your boyfriend is a piece of shit dishwasher who won't pay to make it right, you're not all there either. So Spankie I am definitel
  9. Pic of face before I go? I mean I hope I don't but in case I do. Maybe you smiling at the prospect of me being banned? For old times sake.
  10. The personality statement is actually the exact opposite of accurate, which is why I do very good at sales and progressively better at music but to each his own, do what you feel is appropriate. I've only defended myself. I wouldn't hate except those whom have actually done damage or ripped on my family, ripping on me means nothing to me. IAG would be paid either way and action already in motion would still be moving forward against Plommer. It'd be a shame but it's of course your place, not mine.
  11. You can kill yourself for five minutes take out your kidneys for 3 months and lose another twenty from dialysis. I can tell you from experience that it's pretty expensive and painful, but it does work.
  12. When your worst enemy is every mirror in the world, those words are expected.
  13. Alright that's cool. I've deserved some heat that's true. The one thing I want the three of you to remember is the one thing that I won't be cool with is anyone backing Plommer. That scumbag did serious personal shit to me and my at the time family. I abulutely don't want anyone else involved or implicated in his outcome. So do what you want from there. Anything else is fine, but if you stay on that side that's the one thing that won't be cool. Make a note or don't, up to you. Peace.
  14. Even if I come to you?
  15. House when I get my wheels let's get together, just the two of us. And no that has nothing to do with IAG's debt. No keyboards will be there. That thing you said about me dying right after my Father is something we should figure out. I should have them in a month or so, sooner with any luck - I have hoops to jump through but it'll be alright. I'll advise. Peace.
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