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  1. BOL rd, going to tag along for a little bit
  2. I think Moldy is hitting 85% when he posts an under
  3. nice hit Moldy....CJ for the win
  4. basement. Father-in-law pours basements the last 40+ years. I'm a big basement guy. Will have a man-cave set up with multiple TVs as the wife rarely comes downstairs now.
  5. no. not the place where we are building. The plans are drawn, just sending out to get bids from framers, plumbers, electricians, etc.
  6. Trying to find a spreadsheet to make sure I capture all costs related to building a new house. I'm currently planning to GC the project and save 15-20% off the top.
  7. looks good Brock, nicely done
  8. should be an easy winner. Guy doesn't lose when he posts anything with a + in front of it
  9. Every place I have access to didn’t have it listed. Nice hit!
  10. 1. LAR 2. Atlanta Points 3. NBA Points 4. Cinci 5. FG 6. Over 7. Under 8. Kupp 9. Under 10. Heads 45
  11. keep them coming. Let's get on a heater like you did early/middle of last year
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