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  1. bought 5 acres of land to build a house on about a year ago. I didn't have the perc test done yet as I'm going to farm it this year, add all of my trees to show a loss on my Schedule F for 2021. Planning to build late 2022 or early 2023 but the question is......what is lumber going to do??????
  2. no comment on my post above????
  3. Went and looked at your claim and quoted the 'Doubles'. My record on double dipping..... 6-15 -13.25 Without double dipping 121-93 +24.78 (record is meaningless to me as I did place a wager for the plays I posted but just showing how dumb Moldy is) Just imagine if I didn't double dip on games. My 2nd to last post to you in this thread. I've proved that I could win in a single month and proved it over 400+ plays. I just posting on the forum since not much sports talk is around here....see post #1
  4. Moldy, got quiet when you realize the double dipping actually hurt me a lot during March. I tried to post every single play that I placed online.
  5. Did you see the double dipping only hurt me??? Bama -7; Bama -360; Michigan -6; Michigan 2nd -6; Belgium -145; Belgium -1.5; Belgium Team over.....there is about -10 units just right there. I can promise you I didn't make 10 units on double dipping
  6. Wednesday 4-3 +1.6 March 127-108 +11.53 The last 435 plays posted at TGF (includes last contest with Moldy) 245-190 +41.27 Cheers!
  7. Toronto -7.5 OKC TT under 106.5 +100
  8. Tuesday 3-5 -2.4 March 123-105 +9.93
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