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  1. Getting banned everywhere was probably the best thing that could've happened. I just have no interest in posting on forums anymore. It is a good thing I wasn't allowed back. But it is still fun to check in once in a while to see how many jerkoffs think I have ghosts floating around and posting. Love you more bro Xoxo
  2. dead serious, you should see how many "scratchers" are on tik tok they buy loads of lottery scratch off tickets as a group and watch one of them scratch them all off sports betting is missing such an opportunity and yes, the scratchers form on discord, which ive been saying all along
  3. Lost last 2 posted plays though, Nesmith at 110:1 looked decent for a while im actually very pissed at the gambling community really, no balls anywhere
  4. Sorry but nobody gets to define what EXTREMISM is as soon as you do, its up for interpretation and the one in charge gets to define what "extreme" is (sooner or later JAYWALKING MIGHT BE EXTREME) fukkin figures milwaukeemike wants to go down that route
  5. MILWAUKEEMIKE free speech clown agrees extremism has no place here so say i will scratch you with fingernail, with toothpick, with butterknife, with steak knife, with razor, with machette....................................i guess milkwaukeemike and witalyo get to decide each decision as to which word gets a ban? what if i want to slice your throat with a strawberry? is that better than a steak knife to your big toe? CLOWNS
  6. wrong we hated each other after talking, we became "FRIENDS"
  7. your daddy that hasnt been around in 40 years
  8. Also an RX and BMR reject as well to be honest, i think that makes me A+ student
  9. 🤪 cool story bro post a play or two my golf plays are documented count them up
  10. thats actually completely false no idea why you are attacking me today
  11. oh wow x = me your IQ is x -10
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