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  1. Pour yourself a steaming cup of BLACK RIFLE COFFEE and keep up the great work.
  2. That’s why I like cooking ribs. Can’t fuck them up no matter what I do.
  3. Lollll. I gotta cut corners somewhere. That’s why I drink PBRs and Opici jugs. Can’t always have steak and woodford.
  4. Air fryer dries them out a tad, but still delicious.
  5. Had leftovers myself. Twin pack of ribs at BJ’s cost around $27. Get anywhere between 20-23 ribs. They are meaty enough where 3 ribs can make a meal, with a side. Theoretically, can get 7 meals per pack, resulting in $3.86 per meal. Without the cost of the side.
  6. I’ll throw my man Rudy a BUMP….
  7. There’s only been one applicant, HUAD.
  8. Hoffa, can you check the TGF Glossary and see if “pansy ass tranny lover” has an entry. If not, please enter accordingly
  9. Chicken is for a Muslim guest. Great guy.
  10. That looked awesome with the mountains in the background
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