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  1. PLB, the $3 bill, trying to bait KGB into posting his shirtless photo….unreal. 😂🤣
  2. The great State of Florida storms into the Sweet Sixteen.
  3. Struck a nerve with a tractor joke. Love it.
  4. Never should’ve stopped the protests at The Capitol.
  5. I ordered a Pitfall tshirt. That’s as far as I go. Great game by Activision.
  6. That time of year again, boys. T-minus 12 days…..
  7. Ha. That’s awesome. Larranaga played in the CHSAA in NYC (Molloy), so I always root for him. Rdalert447 is a CHSAA alumnus.
  8. Runner has always been a solid gambler.
  9. Add JJ gold to the list of Purdue backers.
  10. Getting beat by Larranaga is nothing to be ashamed of. The other two Iowa entrants should’ve played road games in the NIT.
  11. Sleepy, have you ever seen one state get totally BLOWED OUT?
  12. Do you think all three teams ride the same tractor home?
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