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  1. Just purchased a men’s basketball anytime ticket package. What a deal. $109, get 17 tickets to use whenever/however I like.
  2. Meet is off to a slow start. Couple of plays for today: Race 4 $1 P3 ALL/4/7 Race 5 $20 win #4 Andy Walks 8-1 $2 DD 4/7 $1 P3 4/7/ALL Vinson used to be good here, but would get bet. He moved mostly to Gulfstream, but hasn’t done much there. Shows up here with a generous morning line after a speed/fade. Doubt we get 8-1, but 5-1 is sweet. Race 6 $20 win #7 Mapache G 6-1 Riggattieri’s meet last year was too bad to believe. He is usually very good here, so I’m looking to pounce in hopes of a rebound. Good luck, men!
  3. That’s crazy how busy those places get. My wife and kid said Chicken Guy has great breakfast. Guy Fieri’s place. I’ve only been to the one in Disney Springs, but the Winter Park location has a drive through and breakfast.
  4. That rent is probably way higher than whatever your mortgage was. Love it over there, though.
  5. Lollll. I have the same problem with remote controls.
  6. Two night stay at Historic Thayer Hotel, West Point: 70% off Hand and Stone 1 Hour Massage: $69 (usually $109). 3 Tampa Bay Downs Groupons: $18 each, includes admission for two, reserved seating, 2- $5 food vouchers, 2-$2 betting vouchers. Fantastic Day, after a great Black Friday as well….
  7. rdalert447


    Lolllll. Full time handyman/Part time moderator criticizing Musk’s business decisions….
  8. rdalert447


    He would never make it in the wood-working industry….
  9. Hopefully House listens to the people. Otherwise we’ll be able to buy his scoreboard on the cheap…
  10. Salsa is a white-guilt condiment. Add “white-guilt condiment” to the glossary.
  11. If anyone is in the NY area, or wants to visit Army West Point, the historic Thayer Hotel is running a 70% off cyber Monday deal. Place is beautiful, a lot of history, has a great Sunday Brunch buffet, and an inexpensive bus tour of the base. Highly recommend: The Historic Thayer Hotel at West Point
  12. Gonna go out on a limb and say Boat had a rough weekend.
  13. We have to take what we can get here in Central Fla….
  14. Don’t bother googling it. Sadly, Those are the actual choices for FSU.
  15. Patrick Lamar Bateman, UCF is going to the Cotton Bowl. I don’t think the Cheeze It Bowl or Duke’s Mayo Bowl compares.
  16. Is there anything better than UCF football??
  17. You think Napier might coach one of the players to spy Travis down in the red zone? How many times will the defenders zoom past him?
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