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  1. Ha ha. Should’ve brought in a cooler.
  2. What a glorious, glorious day…..
  3. What a surprise, this halfwit supports a woman-choker.
  4. Breaking News: Chad Brown arrested for domestic incident with another trainer’s assistant. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!
  5. Congrats, Rockets. All the best, pal.
  6. I’m wondering if he lost his main owners. He only trained for one owner, but today’s horses had two new owners. Would explain the month gap in starts.
  7. There’s a ferry that goes from Orient Pt, NY to New London CT. 2:30 hour drive from New London, Ct to Albany. I’ve never done it but know friends who have. Think it cuts out going through NYC. https://www.longislandferry.com/Default.aspx
  8. I used to stay at 205 Wolf so the area is definitely good. Not sure about the property.
  9. Race 4 $20 win #5 Lafitte’s Fleet 8-1 $1 P3 5/ALL/2 $1 P3 All/4/2 Mertkan already has one $30 winner, expecting one or two more out of him. Want to be alive to the Lukas 2 year old in race 6. His horses going good too.
  10. Schistl returns today. Race 1 #3 General Command 8-1 Race 8 # 2 Running Violence 15-1
  11. Had to laugh when the guy in charge tried to blame Limp Bizkit.
  12. If I remember correctly from first aid training, you’re supposed to wrap 3rd degree burns with dry white cloth.
  13. Wonder if the GED class invites him back also?
  14. And Chad Brown is still a cheat.
  15. That’s awesome. Didn’t realize they were doing that now.
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