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  1. LOSER... How Did That PRIDELESS FUKK ever lose to Liberty last year? That Prideless POS threw a key pick when CC had the ball down 17-13 and was driving at midfield. Pick got returned to 10, and just like that it was 24-13. They were 11-0 and lost in OT. Cost me $3K in parlays. I don't care what his stats are. Stats are for Losers. He is a Prideless Fukk for losing to Liberty last year. That CAN'T Happen
  2. As usual That Mindless Piece of Shit (Monkeyfukk) has nothing to offer except Mindless Brain Diarrhea... Nobody cares about your Brainless "Opinion"...You Stupid (Shit-for-Brains) Parrot Fukk... Now go back into your hole, take another mouthshit from Trump, lick his ass clean, and report back. Thx in advance, no shade...
  3. Greene is a Mindless Moron... And, nodody gives a fukk what China thinks...
  4. That Piece of Shit Bunch of Choking POS? My condolences to any fan of that Prideless POS Excuse for a D1 Program... Saturday's Loss Can NOT Happen... Iowa (after Saturday's Bedshit) are a Prideless Fukk... Fukk Iowa...
  5. Great shit... Love The Cramps...Lux and Ivy...
  6. A lot of good Guest Stars in the last few years. An Epc Latter Day 2-Part Episode when Matt posed as a Gunrunner to Trap Comacheros. The Immortal Line uttered by Harold Gould: "You're still alive, Don't push it" In that episode, Matt kicked some guy's ass who raped a friend of his... Then Doc killed the guy when the guy fist-fighting Matt pulled a knife... All-Time latter-day classic Gunsmoke... EPs 3 and 4 in Final Season https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0594446/
  7. Three years after a landmark ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, legal sportsbooks are operating in 28 states and the District of Columbia, with the majority offering online betting. It's one of the largest expansions of gambling in U.S. history and has prompted fears of a pending spike in problem gamblers. According to the NCPG, an estimated 2 million adults in the U.S. meet the criteria for severe gambling problems, and studies have shown that sports betting, especially when conducted online, has a higher prevalence of problem gambling than gambling in general. Too many Delusional
  8. https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/32437253/nfl-launches-responsible-betting-awareness-campaign Trying to save people from betting on Prideless Fuxx like the Buffalo Bills.
  9. I love Gunsmoke. Same with Bonanza and Wagon Train.
  10. Got a few of these in the basement. I will be ready...
  11. Dempsey was born without toes on his right foot and no fingers on his right hand. He wore a modified shoe with a flattened and enlarged toe surface. The custom made, $200 (equivalent to $1,333 in 2020) shoe generated controversy about whether such a shoe gave a player an unfair advantage.When reporters would ask him if he thought it was unfair, he said, "Unfair, eh? How 'bout you try kickin' a 63 yard field goal to win it with 2 seconds left an' yer wearin' a square shoe, oh yeah, and no toes either." Additionally, when an analysis of his kick was carried out by ESPN Sport Science, it was foun
  12. Which teams (College or Pro) are you expecting to be Prideless POS Disgraces (And Channel the Bedshits of POS Teams like Iowa and Buffalo last weekend)? Any predictions on who will disgrace the sport of football (Like Iowa and The Bills) in the upcoming weekend?
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