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  1. Might add the NDSU ML in my parlay...
  2. Ain't that a Bitch... Ya can't win 'em all... Earlier this week at ATP Monte Carlo, Joker shit the bed at -2500. Yesterday, Nadal shit the bed at -1000. Shit happens That said, thank you so much for paying such meticulous attention to my posting content... I am used to being the object of IDOL Worship... No shade and BOL...
  3. Agreed. My Presence makes TGF the Internet Epicenter of Gambling Forums.
  4. So what? Round 'em up... Kill 'em all... Let God sort 'em out... Problem solved...
  5. Is that how you get laid? Sounds like a pretty good scam if you like that tender stuff. Act like you are doing them a favor, groom them, build up trust, and then (as per your M.O.) pick just the right moment to slip in your Microscopic Gherkin. A very well thought-out scam. I may have misjudged you.
  6. 19 y/o Hottie from Colombia... Gonna Parlay her (-165) with Jabeur (-175) in the Semis... Comes out around +152 1st Match at 2 PM (EST). GL
  7. I like the white shirt... You be stylin'...
  8. Don't let the Door Hitya... Where the Good Lord Splitya... I knew (early on) that you didn't have what it took to hang at a True MAN'S Forum... Especially, one where the Almighty El Chapo... ...(The Greatest Capper in History, with a Documented 99.44% Winning Record)... ...Was Commander-in-Chief... Best of Luck on your return to the Minor Leagues... Consider yourself placed on Unconditional Release Waivers.. Also, what kind of an Internet Pussy makes a "Farewell Post"? Unless you are a Sniveling POS (like that Needy Feces-Eater, Hank--Who used to ma
  9. Word for today is MOUTHSHIT Look it da fuck up
  10. http://dearsportsfan.com/2018/10/16/why-do-base-runners-in-baseball-wear-an-oven-mitt/
  11. Methuselah ain't got shit on me... I'm so old, I remember when the NBA Draft took place on a Slave Ship... Serious Bidness...😚☺️
  12. The Only Good May Hee Kin... Is a Dead May Hee Kin... Out Inda West Exes Town of Elp Asso... Eiffel Inlub Wiffa May Hee Kin Gurl...
  13. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rIqg5shGVLk/UkdVITgq5zI/AAAAAAAAA8w/pNevuNkGCzQ/s1600/midget comp.jpg
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