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  1. Sue Bird has ALWAYS been a Hottie... Who cares if she's a Dyke? I'd do her in a heartbeat. Always has been one of the most physically beautiful WNBA Players...
  2. Setting up GoFundMe Page for FH Final Expenses... Stay tuned for Link...
  3. Pretty Hot for 41 Years Old...
  4. Piece of Shit... Losing as a Home Fave... -5.5/-243
  5. Early Voting paid $13.40, $4.60 and $3.60 Epicenter, a betting favorite, paid $2.80 and $2.40 So, for every 18 ATB, I Collected 26.80 For every 12 on the Perfecta I Collected 25.80 Every 30 I Bet, I Collected 52.60
  6. I had Box Perfecta on those 3... And, Across the board.
  7. Thx for another AUTO-FADE...
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