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  1. If I send your family 100k will you kill yourself?
  2. I haven't seen a single person without a mask here since March and cases surging right now to all time highs (as respiratory viruses tend to do in fall in Colorado). In Colombia it's a 3month salary fine (enforced) for not wearing a mask anywhere (even driving alone in your car). It's recommend to wear it at home alone also. And.....cases now #7 in the world.
  3. Cases would be 1/10 of what they are if testing was 1/10 what it is.
  4. Says the moron that said there would be no sports. You are in the same class as landers. I'd be embarrassed to keep posting.
  5. Everyone wears them here. Some people wear them outside too.
  6. Allegedly she was actively involved in the bf drug business.
  7. Couple million college kids with covid and not one in the hospital. They making these kids quarantine for 14 days and anyone that had contact with them. In france only infected player quarantines and only 7 days.
  8. France no longer cancelling school or quarantine students with a positive test. Just the kid that's positive misses a week
  9. 10m a day lololol. That's the entire usa every month. With likely 6m false positives per month.
  10. Why you suck arbers dick complain about steam chasing at same time. It is the exact same thing.
  11. Beats being completely incapable of independent thought.
  12. rito

    Big ten

    The athletic reporting pac 12 going to play too
  13. Also I was banned from Twitter for saying the guy who shot the police should be hanged publicky.
  14. https://twitter.com/MSNBC/status/1306564074038231043 Anyone that reads this and doesn't see the media as the enemy is a full blown retard.
  15. Flights into Colombia from usa starting Monday joey. Need a negative covid test 72 hours before.
  16. They did it on purpose to destroy small business.
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