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  1. This. War is usually bipartisan, foreign policy is usually bipartisan. There's plenty of blame to pass around and everyone needs to take a bite of the shit sandwich. Trying to dump it all on the last person in charge is how you get forever wars.
  2. Very nice call on Cardano. I remember seeing you start pushing it when it was around $0.25. You've definitely been proven right
  3. Not all of us can have a degree from prestigious Meth and Butane University like RT
  4. I like Bill Snyder a lot, but it's hard to say that Snyder accomplished anything close to what we saw from Bowden. Florida State had one great season in the two decades before Bobby took over. Bobby led the Seminoles to 14 straight top five finishes and two national championships.
  5. Hard to imagine any other coach doing what he did ever again. Took a small-time program and made them a juggernaut by continually going on the road and kicking the shit out of the established programs. RIP Bobby
  6. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/8/8/sudan-recalls-ambassador-to-ethiopia-amid-frayed-ties Ethiopia doing itself no favors
  7. Civil war in the country right now, and the Egyptians and Sudanese might blow up Ethiopia's new dam by the end of the year.
  8. Team wants a $12 billion revitalization package from the city to stay. Voting on it tonight.
  9. Insane how much Orlando has blown up the last 10 years. I remember when Windermere was the most exclusive part of town, and now it's been surpassed by Isleworth. Million dollar homes everywhere
  10. As for the term "heroes", I hate that it's bandied about so wantonly these days. People aren't "heroes" for doing their job. First responders aren't heroes for first responding, doctors and nurses aren't heroes for providing medical care, military members aren't heroes for doing military things. Wish that people stopped misusing hero
  11. Glad to see that you're okay WVU
  12. Baltimore has lost 19 in a row on the road too
  13. Met her two months ago. One of the best people on the forums.
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