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  1. Haven't been here for a minute. Looks like Raise is still off his rocker. Keep the continue
  2. You exchanged numbers with Thomas too. Or did you forget already?????
  3. She was sweet on Jebediah. She got another guy's number at the previous bar too.
  4. Sure it does, they have gold and tantalum so war hawks want to invade. Corporate colonialism is great!
  5. I have a feeling I might know a little more about this than you do.
  6. Ethiopia doesn't have a strong military. There's a reason they were getting their shit pushed in by tiny ass Eritrea for years, and why Ahmed has had Eritrea help in Tigray
  7. Absolutely. For those that want to criticize the MSM, the Ethiopia article in the NYT is something you can rightly criticize. It is extremely irresponsible, biased, and sets up the framework for an invasion https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/26/world/middleeast/ethiopia-tigray-ethnic-cleansing.html You do not start off your article saying this: And then burying this deep in the story This is bad journalism, and it is a framework to justify potential invasion
  8. Looks like Ethiopia might be the next country the US invades. They have gold and tantalum.
  9. Anyone who looks at American foreign policy through a partisan lens is doing it wrong. US foreign policy has been fucked up since the adoption of NSC68. Doesnt matter if it's a Dem or a Rep, they are gonna do stupid shit ostensibly for nebulous concepts like "freedom", but really for either geopolitics or profits. Biden showed it was going to be the status quo when he nominated Blinken to be Secretary of State. Nothing like appointing a Raytheon board member and shareholder to SoS
  10. This is not accurate. Russia intervened early in the Syrian Civil War in order to get access to a warm water seaport
  11. Used to be a goldmine before they stopped accepting US players. Lots of soft prop lines, and thet would let you parlay together a lot of different props.
  12. HinesWard86

    It’s Lent

    I never saw someone put ash on their head until my ex wife. I thought she just had some shit on her and went to wipe it off and she punched me in the chest. Never saw it growing up in the south
  13. I don't know enough about law to say one way or another. Looks like he is in some shit though
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