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  1. I have no idea All I know is I'm protected, you aren't, and I'll get the booster likely as an annual shot like the flu Continue being dense
  2. Why??? Fuck you if you want to attend a large gathering but haven't gotten the vaccine and I have.
  3. Glad to be fully vaccinated and will gladly accept the booster
  4. Rich knows, exactly what I was saying
  5. Play at BAS as your primary book. Everyone else is in 2nd place
  6. They're still playing that bullshit??? Most ridiculous and irrelevant season in history
  7. Terrible software Some of the worst I've seen
  8. One of the hottest broads I've ever known was from STILLWATER, MINNESOTA. You guys know that city?
  9. People figured out where that dumb broad cop lives. I'd be getting a moving van ASAP
  10. Pal, I had BOGARTS today for a snack. Good lord the tri tip is like melt in your mouth good. Highly recommend you get there, they just reopened
  11. It's a shame Canada looks like a monkey trying to fuck a football on getting the vaccine distributed to people. Hopefully you don't DIE waiting for it
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