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  1. They will get there, and -9 is very high
  2. Where the fuck was buffalo a double digit favorite??? Not even remotely close
  3. I'm not giving anything away lol Give me 5k of your millions guy
  4. You haven't won fucking shit being an actual handicapper on one side in years.
  5. Show us your straight ticket bets that aren't hedged genius
  6. Fuck you, I just gave you the play which I'll be on 100%. Going to be a while before the circa contest gets drawn down the way this season is scheduled
  7. Bullshit, it's plenty good. Have not done it yet, but none of the games are in doubt AT ALL
  8. If it was even close to true, they would have stopped vaccinations months ago, like when there was an issue with polio. It's not even remotely true
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