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  1. I'll smash you with a tire iron you motherfucker
  2. FUCK YOU Never wanted to see someone killed as much as you, hopefully tortured beforehand too
  3. The attack could prompt Poland to trigger NATO's Article 5 provisions, calling on all of the treaty's members to attack Russia. According to Article 5, an attack against one NATO Ally is considered an attack against all Allies.
  4. You need to be put up against a firing squad you fucking piece of shit
  5. This is really bad, and fucking stupid too. Russia is fucking around where they're not going to get away with it https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1697080/russia-poland-missle-dead-NATO-state-Ukraine-war-pictures-world-war-3
  6. Not yet Lou malnatis today Salad Personal pie with sausage and mushrooms
  7. Shut the fuck up, no one was addressing you
  8. Trump's picks got their fuckin clocks cleaned. The morons in Ohio are looking so incredibly stupid now
  9. No, couldn't care less if they celebrate or not
  10. Meanwhile, it's the #1 sport in North America and nothing else is even close
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