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  1. You just ignore the fact that there was more oil there when he left that when he arrived. How was that possible if bad democrats blocked it???
  2. He lied, like he always does, that it was empty. You know he accomplished ONE thing while president? Passing the ridiculous tax cut for the wealthy. That's it
  3. You're the dumb asshole here. There was nothing to fill. What don't you get??
  4. the SPR was about 95% full when Trump took office. By the end of December 2017, the SPR had about 663.7 million barrels of oil, compared to the 695.1 million barrels when Trump took office – and EIA data show the volume continued to decline throughout his presidency. The SPR inventory was about 638.1 million barrels on Jan. 15, 2021, less than one week before Biden’s inauguration. That means the SPR was more full when Trump became president than it was when he left office.
  5. https://www.verifythis.com/article/news/verify/national-verify/strategic-petroleum-reserve-not-full-trump-presidency-fact-check/536-2fee187d-3992-4444-a55a-efd5b5ebec5a
  6. No they didn't LOL It was done, big deal
  7. You're really funny you fuckin piece of shit, post pictures of stangers, post family names when you've repeatedly been told not to. Ok, Hoffa will handle it
  8. No, did them under friends/co-workers names. So what
  9. Air fryer wings frozen in bag, solid stuff for like almost nothing.
  10. But these assholes are threatening him and saying they're coming to his house, clearly that's over the line
  11. So you condone calling up your governor and calling him a scumbag motherfucker?
  12. Vile kunts calling him a motherfucker
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