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  1. You never stop proving what a fucking dunce you are over and over. They don't allow dissent in a totalitarian regime you moron
  2. Well, do me a solid and post pics and a review of the items I mentioned pal
  3. Jimmy, do me a solid a try TACO TIME, the chicken nachos are delicious and so are the crisp meat burritos. A staple of the NW
  4. Outstanding lunch at WHITE CASTLE, Terre Haute, Indiana
  5. Why would anyone waste 2 minutes on this?
  6. You can bet your last cent that we are involved in Europe again if large scale war broke out 100%
  7. US, because if Europe falls, we end up back there to slug it out. What don't you understand about that?
  8. Fuck you Only true c ocksucker here is you
  9. they sure as fuck won't either, fucking moron
  10. And it was created to avoid WW3, Only a complete fucktard like a clearly psychotic Putin would challenge it
  11. NATO doesn't "need" anyone, they need NATO. Opposite direction
  12. Why don't you enlighten us, you smug asshole
  13. The battle of Alberta was incredible last night. 9-6 Calgary! Mcdavid looks like a 16 year old playing 10 year olds with how much faster he is than everyone else. Oilers need far better goaltending if they're to win this series
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