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  1. You're really funny you fuckin piece of shit, post pictures of stangers, post family names when you've repeatedly been told not to. Ok, Hoffa will handle it
  2. No, did them under friends/co-workers names. So what
  3. Air fryer wings frozen in bag, solid stuff for like almost nothing.
  4. But these assholes are threatening him and saying they're coming to his house, clearly that's over the line
  5. So you condone calling up your governor and calling him a scumbag motherfucker?
  6. Vile kunts calling him a motherfucker
  7. Hilarious this piece of shit keeps posting and they're all ignored like they've been for 2 years. Like having conversations with himself LOL
  8. That piker is a lying piece of shit, not as bad as Trump who is a pathological liar, but bad enough
  9. People don't need help to lose their money, they can accomplish that all on their own
  10. His supporters learned their vocabulary from JJGOLD
  11. Kinzinger is a republican And he's got people wishing death on him because he speaks the truth It's unbelievable
  12. Someone high up is going to get killed Trump caused all of this madness
  13. Calling kinzinger a c ocksucker and a motherfucker Classy
  14. Listen to what you people sound like and say. It's absolutely beautiful to see animals like you all in the wild
  15. why wouldn't they play? they would play out of conference no big deal
  16. Wrong, big 12 https://sports.yahoo.com/report-big-12-deep-discussions-171051514.html
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