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  1. Sam Losco


    those shoes are gay but you being a scamming cuck is gayer for sure
  2. your #1 because your too stupid to realize your wrong and should pay your debts
  3. Sam Losco

    There Here.

    thinking of one wearing them is even cringier
  4. Sam Losco

    There Here.

    theres no way he bought them for himself
  5. i know exactly what you mean. its just easier to find cheap chinese vs cheap toss and sauce these days i like the chinese wings but only a few at a time. tossed and sauced il crush 2 lbs no problem
  6. chinese store wings are way different than tossed and sauced though
  7. why so mad? tired of hearing ty satisfy her?
  8. i dont get how moldy still does it. id rather have brocks life. works literally all the time just to piss it away
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