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  1. Sam Losco

    Hard to do

    this calls for a candy run
  2. such a disappointing team. happy for my leafs though, they are looking good
  3. demi lovato said gender reveals are transphobic. dumb bitch
  4. whats happening is your looking at your holdings. pack it in until next week
  5. quebec. they were the first book i played at. 1 deposit, no withdraws so not much to add to the convo. not the best odds but thats not relevant to paddy since hes looking for a non common market
  6. regular coke > regular pepsi diet pepsi > diet coke very odd preference i have
  7. also the fact its down from .05 to .03 monday-friday
  8. this is what im referring to
  9. whats the hold up on brzl? i think i found a broker for these picks
  10. forget movies, we have got the battle of alberta tonight
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