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  1. Kent St wants the year over. Qb is banged up. Buffalo Bulls fighting for win #6 to become bowl eligible. Strong play. Line should imo be 7.5 Good luck TGF.
  2. I'll be prepared next time. 22 plus tip for a double
  3. My 1st NHL game. Drinks to $. Brining my own booze next time
  4. I'm directly one side of the bench, so great view one end of ice, other is obscured by the glass/bench. Up higher would be better imo
  5. Klogz sent me PM asking for video from men's restroom
  6. Geez thar was a loooooong read.
  7. Get the pistol. Uses co2 . 5 times better
  8. Excellent options!!!!! A#1
  9. As time has passed I have come to accept we all in our fashion do the best we can given our ability,desire,circumstances.
  10. Good advice. We don't need a Korea type incident. Stampede deaths.....
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