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  1. i agree you are the forum queen.
  2. Agreed. You liked it. Therefore.
  3. You stick your nose in EVERYONE’s business. You like dogs? Squirrels? Maybe get one MATE.
  4. It’s obvious. He likes the ass fucking. I have no problem with Non heterosexual person . Just odd to see a TGF’er like that take it so easily from STIFFY E. Must owe UDDERS way more than a LOUSY nickel.
  5. Mikey is SOUR. For the last 2 weeks or whatever. AXEL owned him.
  6. Go FUCK YOUR ASS. Then go FUCK YOUR garden hose. Regards, STIFFY E
  7. SHIT! How did you score Ant’s graduation pic?!?!?!?
  8. FUCK YOU. Signed, STIFFY E
  9. GM. That pile of waste told me his whatever IT, was would not LOAN him a nickel to pay me years ago. So yeah. He certainly fucked her ass when she was asleep!
  10. 10000000000000000000%. SPOT ON. That post from STIFFY E still exists at TGF. That five foot fucker thought it was funny too.
  11. No doubt KK. I’ll see if I can find the email I got from the ANT. Asked me if I could give POPS 12 weeks.
  12. She will fuck you. your BESTIE dante. your BESTIE joe. Right up your Bills sphincter. Welcome.
  13. Look at his nose. Compare it to the ITALIAN's nose to his left. Guaranteed he uses that thing on her. No chance; EVEN if he took 1000 MG's of Viagra.
  14. Hank Aaron. One of the very FIRST to die from the FRANKENSHOT. The Runny family KKKlanbake celebrated January 22, 2021.
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