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  1. I don't know who that is and I don't know whose posts these are but I'm a brand new poster, that's undeniable
  2. Glad to be here, I'm Bobby Boucher! I promise not to spit in the c-c-cooler... I joined this little shanty a few weeks ago and made one wager but then was instantly banned! now they let me back but attributed almost 4,000 posts to me when I've only made 1 post before...whatever, that's neither here nor there but hot d-d-damn, I just gotta say, that's weird, but OH WELL I'm very excited for the Divionsal Round of the National Football League tomorrow and got me accounts all loaded up and ready to roll, I'll post my bets for y'all to guide ya' in the right direction! Howdy do-da folks and thanks for letting back in the c-c-cl-club!!!
  3. Barry just shut up and give us the weather report for Minny on Sunday afternoon pal
  4. Guys I'm sorry to tell you all this, but I' I'v decided to quit gambling, it's been fun...ill still chill and shoot the shit though
  5. Yup, was trying to remember the name, great call Great flick
  6. No way Beethoven and Beethoven 2 White Fang
  7. Barry what's the weather report for Sunday afternoon in the Minneapolis area? As you ranted and raved about, that nasty cold weather could really hamper breesy's arm strength? Make sure to account for that shit.
  8. I'm exactly 6'0 I've gotten down to a lean 178 lbs There is not one sport you would beat me in, I regularly play paddle tennis, golf and basketball, play in a softball league, work out 4x a week, I mean it would be a joke...I would literally kill you. I also FUCK 3-4x a week, something you haven't done in YEARS...
  9. This. He talks about being a "pro gambler"...excuse me...bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...ok I'm back, yet every single ticket he's ever posted is in the $50-$75 range My average wager of $200 is more than double his average wager. Fact.
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