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  1. At least he didn’t have to share the popcorn
  2. Nice week WVU cant believe I’m only up half a game with a 79% win rate
  3. Georgia St +6.5 San Diego St +7 Florida St -2.5 Oregon St -3 Ohio St -3
  4. We’ll no. Something came up and I was fine with extending it but he was always in touch and then paid back before the agreed upon timeframe
  5. xyz scumbag. Disappeared after getting the loan. It happens sometimes. He’s the one that has to look at himself in the mirror everyday. I’m fine with it
  6. Just thought I’d pop in to this thread again and let everyone know GA settled his debt earlier than expected and in full. Good guy and was honest about everything. Wish him the best going forward.
  7. This guy eats every meal out and alone. It’s sad
  8. You are out anyway. I don’t see Joey’s picks for this week
  9. Mississippi State +9.5 Rutgers -7 San Diego St +24.5 Tennessee -6.5 Fresno State -3
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