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  1. When did I complain? I laughed at and commented on a gross pic.
  2. No, wouldn’t change vote but will definitely be voting for Desantis this time
  3. LOL.. and then grows the mustache. Can you imagine sitting in an important nuclear meeting that he/she is running?
  4. An anti-Trump vote doesn’t mean I liked all things Biden. I saw him as the lesser of 2 evils. There are tons of things about the Democrats that are disgusting. The overly gay movement being one of them
  5. Was at the EOG Bahamas bash and met a bunch, most aren’t around anymore. Devil Shrink Tiny Montana Slim Shady General
  6. I’m telling you, a big portion of Biden votes were actually anti-Trump votes. I think Desantis would crush Biden
  7. This guys life is so unstable.
  8. But THEFT isn’t against your principals. ok, sounds normal
  9. Trump is the ultimate con man. He was never about making America great again, or the Republicans, it’s about him. The second you challenge him, you are dogshit. If he loses the Republican nod to Desantis, he won’t back him like other candidates do when losing the party race. He will go out in a blaze of glory trashing everyone because he didn’t win
  10. The shocking thing about this video is that Brock still has a relationship with his dad. Have to believe he has burnt him many times in his life. Brock was probably setting up some nice scam over this meal
  11. Great video. A look in to the life of an actual pro gambler. why did my respect for sleepy just go up like 10x just because of this video?
  12. Santa Claus? LOL good luck today sleepy
  13. Funny thing is he stole $300 yet ruined a nice revenue stream here. Posters often felt bad for him and threw him some coin for grading contests or backed him on the poker table. Now he lost all that and everyone here thinks he is an asshole all over $300. I guess bad decisions are the reason he is where he is in life though
  14. And let’s be clear here. This wasn’t a stiff job or slow pay. No bet was lost or a loan not paid back. this was straight up THEFT. This fuck should be banned
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