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  2. Both are incredibly easy this year. Like amazingly easy.
  3. Need to hit again this year to make this a tradition! Imagine KC 14-6 1Q but then TB outscores 14-7 in 2Q for a 21-20 Half time. Totally plausible!
  4. I hit on the first quarter last year, but made that dumb deal to split with Ted. Won't be making any deals this year tho!!
  5. I have! Younger me had such a crush on Jane March afterwards.
  6. Btw, Biden was quite forceful tonight. Such strong, American energy. USA!
  7. Why is it sad? I voted for Trump v Hillary, but in Biden/Trump, I gave each candidate a fair hearing, and exercised my constitutional right to vote for the person I expect to be best for the country during these times. In the past, it was Bush twice, Obama twice and then Trump. This time, I figured Joe Biden was most worthy for our nation. And the rest of the Independents that switched back must have agreed. IF GA gets one Rep Senate seat, then I will get all that I wanted: -ACB on Court -Biden in Office -Republican Senate Divided Govt f
  8. People like me--who do not mind Trump--were the ones who shifted back to Biden. And that's because we wanted to be FOR something and not anti anything.
  9. This be a slowplay. Dems want to embarrass Trump and the GOP is letting them, imo.
  10. Thanks. 6/6 in Pres Elections in my history. I read the tealeaves of my state and those around me really well, and knew how the shift would occur.
  11. Neb district went to Biden; ME went to Trump. 270---268 Biden BUT here is the Trump path: Gov in AZ is saying Trump can get it by Thur/Fri (I heard) OR NV has like 8k difference and 33% remaining + Reps will claim FRAUD in NV since culinary workers were sent ballots yet moved out of state. Reps need to hold PA, GA, NC and get one of AZ/NV to flip back.
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